Dogs with Jobs

dogs with jobsDoes your dog have a job? Well, of course we know that your dog’s main job is be your ever faithful, loving companion but, he just might have the potential to make a difference in the world at large. Not convinced?  Well, there are dogs with jobs and now more than ever dogs are being put to work and they’re giving their human counterparts something to say hmmmm about.  Here are just a few of the jobs that your dog might be qualified for.

Dogs with Jobs – What can a dog do?

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Why Dogs Beg

why dogs begDid you ever wonder why dogs beg? Does your dog beg for food? Does he whine while you’re eating, tap you with his paw or just stare at you all wide-eyed and deprived looking? If so, you’re in not so good company! Begging is one of the most complained about, yet preventable, dog behaviors out there yet, as humans, we really struggle with controlling our furry little beggars.  So why are we having such a hard time? [Read more…]

Digestive Problems in Puppies

digestive problems in puppiesDoes your puppy have a sensitive tummy?  Digestive problems in puppies can be quite common. Puppies are similar to human babies in that they both have sensitive digestive systems.  Diarrhea and constipation are common occurrences for puppies and are usually nothing to be alarmed about however, there are occasions when digestive upset can be a sign that something more serious is at play

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Common Puppy Illnesses

common puppy illnessesAre you aware of the common puppy illnesses that your fur baby is susceptible to contracting? While you may shudder at the very thought of your puppy being anything but healthy, it’s a reality you must be prepared for.  Neglecting to arm yourself with the signs and symptoms of common puppy illnesses could very well result in serious and possibly fatal consequences for your beloved puppy.

3 Common Puppy Illnesses:


Parvo is a contagious, viral disease that spreads very quickly.  There are two forms of this disease – intestinal and cardiac.  Cardiac Parvo is more deadly but the least common of the two. Puppies that are between weaning age and six months are most susceptible to this sometimes fatal disease. [Read more…]

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