Christmas Tree Safety Tips for your Pet

Christmas Tree Safety TipsOh, Christmas Tree….Oh Christmas Tree…. Christmas Tree Safety Tips and Other Ways to Keep Your Tree Standing!

The Christmas Tree is the Centerpiece of the Christmas Season. With the holidays upon us there will be lots of decorating and holiday themed functions taking place.  One of the many special things that a lot of us do at Christmas is to decorate a tree.  If you have pets however, this can pose a challenge.  Your pets love the Christmas Tree too –just maybe not for the same reasons as you!

Christmas tree safety tips:

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Thanksgiving Day Pet Food Warnings

Thanksgiving Day DinnerThere is always a lot of cooking and baking on Thanksgiving Day. Before you cave in and give your dog a treat here are some Thanksgiving Day Pet Food Warnings.

Top Thanksgiving Day Pet Food Warnings:

  • Turkey skin is high in fat and can be hard for your dog to digest. Feeding your dog food that has a high in fat content can lead to pancreatitis. Common symptoms of pancreatitis are lethargy, abdominal pain and vomiting.
  • Cooked ham and turkey bones can be very hazardous for your dog. Many times bones splinter in the digestive track. Dispose of all bones and be sure to keep your dog away from the trash can. Thanksgiving day pet food warnings. 

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Tips for keeping your dog calm during fireworks

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter talking about  tips for keeping your dog calmDogs and fireworks do not mix well and here in Fort Lauderdale where fireworks are sold legally people seem to shoot them off for any occasion.  Here are a few suggestions on keeping your dog calm during fireworks or any loud noises that may occur.

Tips for keeping your dog calm:

Trying too hard to reassure your dog during a fearful event with petting, soothing words, or extra attention can often do more harm than good. This can sometimes add to the problem by reinforcing your dog’s fearful response.

Some dogs are very sensitive to people’s moods and may be influenced by the way that you react to the noise. It is best to act calm and happy.

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Why is My Dog Scratching?

why is my dog scratchingDoes it drive you just a little insane when you see your dog scratching himself over and over again? We completely understand.  It can be unnerving. Sometimes you just want to scream “Stop it!” Am I right? Dogs scratch just like us humans do and for a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to figure out exactly why a dog is scratching himself.  There might be something you can do about dog scratching but first, you have to figure out what’s going on.

Why is my dog scratching? 

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Running with Your Dog

running with your dogHave you ever considered running with your dog?  Well, you just might want to.  Now more than ever, man’s best friend is hitting the pavement or trails with their favorite human.  Why?  Many people run with dogs because they need to lose weight and quite frankly, so do their dogs.  On the other hand, other people just want the company and accountability of a running partner that won’t cancel on them.  Then there are the people who run at night that feel they could use the sense of security that a running canine companion provides them with.  Running with your dog gives you a willing partner at your disposal but before you lace up your dog’s sneakers, there’s something you need to consider.

Running with your dog: They may be willing but are they able?

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Why does my Cat Have a Runny Nose?

why does my cat have a runny noseWe all suffer from a runny nose from time to time – some of us more than others, no doubt but why does my cat have a runny nose? Well your cat is no exception.  He has a nose that is not much unlike yours.  While it’s completely normal for your cat to have a runny nose, it should not be a chronic condition.  If the runny nose does become chronic or severe, you definitely need to get your kitty checked out.


Other than the nose producing nasal discharge, aka the runny nose, your cat may experience some other symptoms.  Your cat’s eyes may become enflamed, he may be taking in and letting out less air through his nasal passages and you may notice he has dried up discharge on his facial hair or even his front limbs.  Additionally, cats with nasal discharge may also have diseased teeth, polyps and or swelling of the face. [Read more…]

Rat Poison in Dogs

rat poisonNobody likes a pest.  However, ridding our home of pests, such as rodents, is tricky business. Rodenticides, or rat poison, contain a particular ingredient that is very appealing to a rodent; Sugar.  However, this ingredient is also quite appealing to your dog.  With their nose that can smell quite well, this makes it very hard to circumvent the possible ingestion of this poison, by your dog.  Along with the appealing ingredient also comes the big bad toxin, which is what is meant to kill the rodent.  There are a variety of types of poison out there – none of which are safe for any pet.  Please know that there is not a safe rat poison for dogs! [Read more…]

Pet Health Care Costs

pet health care costsPet health care costs are on the rise. These days, pet parents spend quite a bit of money on our pets.  Between toys, beds, clothes then add in the medical bills, it is almost like raising a child.  If you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably always looking to save a buck or two! There are ways that you can cut pet health care costs. Below are a few pointers to help you figure out how.

5 Ways to Help Cut Pet Health Care Costs:

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Pet Acupuncture

pet acupunctureIs pet acupuncture a good alternative for your ailing pet? For over two thousand years, Acupuncture has been used to bring relief to many people.  This healing art was has been proven to help with many human ailments.  Many swear by it, others live by it. Now, more and more Veterinarians are implementing pet acupuncture in addition to or in lieu of conventional medicine.  Veterinarians are taking training and becoming certified to utilize Pet Acupuncture and it is proving to be an amazing alternative treatment.

What is Pet Acupuncture?

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How to Read Dog Food Labels

how to read dog food labelsDo you read dog food labels? Do you know what are you feeding your dog?  Many pet parents are under the false impression that all prepackaged dog foods that are labeled “natural” are really natural.  That’s a dangerous assumption and could be to the detriment of your dog.  Learning how to read dog food labels is not only in the best interest of your dog but it’s your responsibility as your pet’s guardian and most faithful friend.

Learning how to read dog food labels:

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