Are Toxins Harmful to My Dog?

Are toxins harmful to my dogClients often ask “are toxins harmful to my dog?” Toxins are dangerous for humans and their loyal, furry counterparts, the family dog.   Let’s discuss how toxins impact your dog, where toxins come from as well as ways to help your dog detox. Keep reading to learn about more about toxins and your dog!

Toxins are everywhere.  You’re probably thinking “Well, how does my dog get exposed to toxins, anyway?”  Good question.  It’s really simple; inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion.  Your dog comes into toxins every single day. Anything from mold, mildew, gases, oil, household cleansers, to prescription drugs, vaccinations, food and treats.  It’s really hard to avoid being exposed to toxins these days.  Fortunately for your dog, his little body has a built in detoxification system via his waste removal organs such as the kidney, liver, and skin.  A healthy dog will usually be protected by his built in detoxification system but dogs that are diseased, injured, aging or have an otherwise compromised immune system are at risk for inflammation, illness and potentially fatal diseases such as cancer. [Read more…]

Non Shedding Dog Breeds

non shedding dog breedsAre your allergies stopping you from getting a dog? If so, there are several low and non shedding dog breeds you may want to consider, many of these breeds shed very little if at all. Don’t let nasty allergies stop you from getting a pet.

Dogs bring so much love, joy and companionship into your life. Don’t waste another minute! Check out our list of the top 10 low and non shedding dog breeds and find one that special little pup to fill our heart and home with love!

Our list of  Low & Non Shedding Dog Breeds:

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National Poison Prevention Week

National Poison Prevention WeekSince 1961, National Poison Prevention Week has been celebrated during the third week in March.  This third week in March is a great time to help raise awareness for pet parents everywhere.  However, as responsible pet parents, we should keep poison prevention at the forefront of our mind every day.

You should always be aware of the signs of poisoning in your pet.  Sometimes, you might think your pet is just having a bad day or has an upset tummy when he really has ingested something or come in contact with something that has poisoned him.  As always, education is your first line of defense.   While not all inclusive, here are some symptoms of poisoning in your pet: [Read more…]

Is Your Dog Having A Bad Hair Day?

bad hair dayDid you ever have a bad hair day? Believe it or not your dog can have a bad hair day too! Your dog can experience flaky and rough skin due to the cold dry winter air resulting in anything from a dull coat to constant scratching, hot spots or even lesions. Don’t let your dog suffer just because of winter weather. You can alleviate some of these symptoms by taking a few precautions.

One precaution is to use a humidifier in your home as soon as the temperatures start to drop. This alone can help prevent dry flaky skin in both dogs and humans.  Even though old man winter is in full force it is never too late to start using a humidifier.

Here are a few more tips to prevent your dog from having a bad hair day:

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Top Books for Dog Lovers

top books for dog loversShopping for books these days is SO easy with the advent of ereaders like the kindle and nook but with so many books at your finger tips, it sometimes makes it kind of overwhelming to choose!  May I suggest a few of my favorite top books for dog lovers?  If you’re a dog lover, this list of books is for you!

Top books for dog lovers:

Sophie: The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog
By Emma Pearse

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Dogs, Chocolate and Valentine’s Day

Dogs, Chocolate and Valentine's dog  with a bunch of  red  rosesDogs, Chocolate and Valentine’s Day, the day in which we show our significant others how much we care. It is celebrated with diamonds, roses, special dinners and often time chocolates.

If you are one of the lucky recipients of chocolate be sure to keep it away from your pets.

As you know certain types of chocolate can be toxic to dogs. Baker’s chocolate and cocoa powder are the most dangerous types of chocolate for dogs.

Theobromine is similar to caffeine and it is the main ingredient in chocolate and can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. More seriously it can cause seizures and sometimes death.

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Movies for Pet Lovers

movies for pet loversThere are many books and movies for pet lovers and with the cold weather, snow falling and endless photos on facebook of four legged friends up north romping in the snow, it got us thinking that it just might the perfect time for you to pop in a DVD and watch a movie with the family and your furry pet!  Or well, if you’re down here with us in sunny Florida, you just might want to cool off from your afternoon run on the beach with your best canine pal.  No matter the occasion, here are a few movies for pet lovers to warm your heart!

Our favorite movies for pet lovers:

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2014 Popular Pet Names

2014 popular pet namesThe team at Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters would like to thank all of our loyal clients for your continued patronage. We appreciate you letting us care for your fur babies and we look forward to being of service throughout the New Year.

One of my favorite blogs is reviewing the most popular dog names of the year. Let’s get down to business and see what names made 2014 popular pet names list.

2014 Popular Pet Names – Male:                    2014 Popular Pet Names – Female:

Max                                                                 Bella

Buddy                                                             Lucy

Charlie                                                            Daisy

Jack                                                                 Molly

Cooper                                                            Lola

Rocky                                                              Sophie

Toby                                                                Sadie

Tucker                                                            Maggie

Jake                                                                Chloe

Bear                                                                Bailey

Does your pet have one of the popular 2014 pet names? If not, tell us your pet’s name.

Hook ‘Em & Book ‘Em – Basic Sales & Closing Strategies

Expanding on my previous blog “Let’s Raise the Bar on The Pet Sitting Industry” I wanted to share some basic sales & closing strategies that have served me well in both the corporate and pet sitting industries. Closing a sale on the phone during the initial call is fast, easy and best of all alleviates having to sell your services at the meet & greet. Therefore the meet & greet becomes a much more relaxed experience allowing for a comfortable atmosphere to get acquainted and solidify your new business relationship. 

Earn The Right:

The first step in securing a new client is by earning the right. This is accomplished by being prepared and confident with yourself, your business and the services you provide. Most important is knowing the value of the service you have to offer and finding the words to convey that value to the caller. Be sure your main objective is on how you can help the caller instead of what you can get from the caller.

Begin with The End in Mind:

When you receive a call or email inquiry the client is yours to lose. They are contacting your business because you provide a service that they are seeking. Be sure to engage in conversation with the mind set that you have already secured their business. You already have a common bond which is their pet. This is a great place to start the conversation.

Every step you take should be leading towards securing the client and forming a partnership. In all correspondence keep in mind where you want to go and stay focused on moving in that direction.

Sell More Value:

In this competitive market it is important to exhibit more value than the quoted price of the service. Value is determined by the customer, not by the market. Your ability to communicate that your service has more value than the quoted price results in a new client.

Listen then Talk:

You are entering into a business relationship. Communication is a key factor. Let the caller know that this partnership is a two way street. Both parties need to cooperate in order to create a harmonious relationship. Listen and make sure you understand their needs and the needs of their pet(s). In return make sure they understand exactly what services you will be providing and also any policies that may be applicable to their situation.

Under Promise, Over Deliver:

It is wise not to promise something that you cannot deliver 100% every time. If you over promise you are setting yourself up to under deliver. It is best to stick with the basic services. This way you will over deliver on anything extra you do. The client will feel as if they are getting something special.

Respect The Competition:

Never speak badly of other pet sitting businesses. It puts the caller in an uncomfortable position and you quickly lose credibility. Instead point out the value in your own services and highlight what your business has to offer.

Wrap It Up:

You’ve done your work. You have conveyed more value than the quoted price. The information the client needs from you should have been shared. It is time to seal the deal. By now you will have gathered all of the information needed: location, services required, service period, number of pets, special needs, and general information regarding the client and pet.

Assumptive Close:

The assumptive close is the most basic of closing techniques and works extremely well in the pet sitting industry. After all questions have been asked and answered from both parties you ask a question that assumes the caller is about to sign on with you. Here are a few examples:

What is your availability this week for a Meet & Greet?

I have you penciled in. Please go to my website and enter your information so we can be sure to get you on the schedule. 

We can definitely take care of your pet sitting needs. Please verify the dates are you traveling so I can get you on my schedule.

I have you down for mid-day walks. Would you like service to start this coming Monday?

Stop Talking:

This is very important to remember. After the assumptive question is asked, the first person who speaks loses. Most people will talk themselves right out of gaining a client. Your nervousness or excitement put your mouth and mind into overdrive and you wind up saying too much, or worse you bring up something that the caller had not though about. New thoughts in a closing situation usually result in decision making delays.

Please use the comment section below and share with us your sales & closing strategies. 

Pet Dental Awareness

Pet Dental Awareness

Pet Dental Awareness

February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month!

Pet dental awareness is one of the most overlooked medical necessities there is.  Yes, just as we humans, our pets need to keep their teeth fresh and clean in order to maintain top notch health.  Have you sniffed your pooch’s breath lately?  Has it been pretty brutal?  Well, I hate to say it but that is a huge sign that it is time to get Fido to the dentist.  Contrary to popular belief, your dog is not supposed to have bad breath.  That bad breath you smell is bacteria that has grown to outrageous numbers after having had a long term relationship with saliva and food debris in your pet’s mouth.

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