Diabetes in Dogs

diabetes in dogsDiabetes in dogs continues to be on the rise. While diabetes in senior dogs occurs more frequently, younger dogs are also susceptible to developing diabetes too. Armed with a little knowledge, you can reduce the likelihood that your dog will develop diabetes. You can also make yourself aware of the symptoms, resulting in a better long term prognosis for your dog.

What is diabetes in dogs?

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Traveling with your dog

Preparing to Travel with your Dog this Holiday Season

travel with your dogTraveling with your dog can be fun therefore, if you have decided to take your dog in the car to over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving, we applaud you!  Why leave him home if it’s possible to bring him along, right? However, before you hit the road you should consider some things that will help you keep him safe. 

First things first.  Does your dog even like to travel by car? Think about the last time you took your dog to the vet or to the Starbucks drive-thru.  If your dog is happy to hop in the car with you for short or long periods of time, you’re probably in good shape.  If not, the holiday season is not really the best time to toss him in the car. The last thing you want is to travel with a stressed out dog. It’s not fair to you or the rest of the family.  If your dog doesn’t like the car and you know it, don’t force the issue.  We appreciate the fact that you want your dog with you, but you’re not doing him any favors by putting him in a situation that will cause him to be unhappy. [Read more…]

Daylight Savings Time and your Dog

Can you believe it’s daylight savings time again? Daylight savings ends at 2:00 am on Sunday, November 4th. The good news is that we will gain an hour of sleep! The bad news is that it takes some adjusting for all of our family members, even the furry ones, believe it or not. [Read more…]

How smart is my dog?

How smart is my dog?Have you ever wondered how smart your dog is or just what he’s potentially capable of knowing and doing?  If so, you’re not alone.  People everywhere ponder the same question.  In fact, if you are like the majority of dog moms and dads all across the globe, you probably want to know as much as possible as you can about your dog. Well, with the help of a few good books and the very intelligent authors that wrote these books, you can gain a little more insight into your dog and what he knows. [Read more…]

Pumpkin Spice for Dogs

Pumpkin Spice – Every Dog’s Dream

Pumpkin Spice for dogs Pumpkin spice for dogs – t’is the season; the onset of fall conjures up all the signs, sounds, smells and tastes of the season! Apples, pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins are just a few.  If you’re a real die-hard fan of the fall season then a little pumpkin spice something or other probably enters your life in one form or another.  The market caters to people like you, right? From the famous PSL to flavored coffee creamers, breads, cereal, ice cream and deserts, you can pretty much get your pumpkin spice fix from anywhere nowadays.  Newsflash! Friends, some dogs are lovers of the fall season for precisely the same reason!  [Read more…]

Pet Feeders you and your Pet Will Love

Pet feeders are just one way that technological advances are making their way into the pet industry. Whether you spend long days at the office or just enjoy not having to run right home after work to feed your dog or cat, the investment of a smart pet feeder might be just what you need.  We’re always looking for ways to to use technology to our advantage so why not allow it to simplify our life and keep our pets happy?

Is a pet feeder really necessary?

Nowadays, work and familial obligations keep pet parents away from the home for more hours a day than they feel comfortable.  Smart Pet Feeders have the ability to relieve a little stress in your life by taking one thing off of your plate, or at least making one more task easier to manage and  complete.  [Read more…]

Back to School Anxiety

back to school anxietyWhen we think about back to school anxiety, we usually just have the human family members in mind.  Not so fast, friends.  What about the family dog? Dogs experience back to school anxiety, too.  Think about it – after romping around all summer with their favorite humans, they are suddenly left alone.  The sudden change in routine has the potential to make any dog anxious. So, what do you do [Read more…]

Summer Dog Products

5 Summer Dog Products that We Love!

Summer Dog Products

If you’re worried about how to keep your dog cool as we dive into the hottest summer month of the summer, we understand!  After all, heat stroke in dogs is nothing to scoff at. Well then, look no further.  We’ve compiled some “cool” summer dog products that you and your dog will love.  [Read more…]

Health Hazards for Dogs

health hazards for dogs

Health hazards for dogs is something to be aware of since summer is often characterized by carefree fun in the sun, as it should be, but there are many summer hazards that exist for dogs. Making yourself aware of the summer hazards for dogs could potentially save your dog’s life and at the very least, make your dog’s life more comfortable. [Read more…]

Muscle Strain in Dogs

muscle strain in dogsMuscle strain in dogs is possible!

Most dogs, especially in their younger years, are very agile and mobile.  So, it’s no surprise then that they are susceptible to muscle strain, just like we, as humans, are.

Strain or Sprain, What’s the Difference?

Strains and Sprains both result in some degree of discomfort in your dog, however they are not the same.  Muscle strains occur in dogs when the tendon joining bones and muscle is stretched too far.  You can expect this to happen with dogs that run around a lot and generally lead very active lifestyles. On the other hand, Sprains occur when ligaments connecting bones are injured in some capacity.  Common sprains in dogs are the result of jumping. [Read more…]

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