Private Cage Free Dog Boarding Versus Kennels

Private cage free dog boarding versus kennels….which is right for your pet?

private cage free dog boarding versus kennels fort lauderdale  When you’re traveling and are unable to bring your dog with you wouldn’t you like to know that your dog is in a healthy, comfortable and friendly environment? Paying someone to watch your beloved pet should put your mind at ease, knowing that the pet is being well taken care of. What are the benefits of private cage free dog boarding versus kennels for your dog?

Kennels come with a harsh reputation. Steel and concrete surround the facility, a look that makes the animal shelter in Homeward Bound come to mind with the concrete floors and walls, small kennels and angry workers that put the pets into dirty caged areas. Although kennels are not always as bad as a movie can make them out to be, nor are the workers always so angry, they aren’t always an ideal place to put your dog while you’re enjoying a vacation. Kennels tend to be very busy with multiple dogs, leaving very little time for the staff to play with the dogs and give them the attention that you’re paying for. They also tend to be unclean environments full of contagious diseases and improper diets. The other side of the private cage free dog boarding versus kennels debate is….

Cage free dog boarding offers a whole new world to dogs and their owners. This option provides a disease free, clean, and supervised cage less solution. It’s more of a home-away-from-home environment where your dog will receive plenty of love and care, while remaining happy during your time away. Your dog will be able to keep their normal diet and exercise routine, surrounded by friendly and happy faces.

In a cage free setting, your dog is able to roam around freely in a supervised environment. Most places will ask you to bring your pet’s food, treats, toys and anything else that would make your dog feel as comfortable as possible. Your dog will be able to run around and play whereas in a kennel your dog would not get much, if any, time to play and get the exercise they want and need.

When it comes to private cage free dog boarding versus kennels, the option is clear if you want your dog to be as happy as you are while you are on vacation. Although boarding tends to be more expensive, you can’t put a price on your pet’s health and happiness. Your dog will be happy and safe in a cage-free environment that is comfortable and offers supervision.

So in the battle of private cage free dog boarding versus kennels, which works best for you and your pet? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. I would love to leave my dog in a cage-free boarding center. I agree, it presents a whole new world to my dog, and I am sure she would enjoy it. Plus, I know my dog doesn’t like cages, so that is always a plus.

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