Black Friday

Black Friday Christmas Shopping for your dogChristmas shopping for your dog

That’s right, Black Friday isn’t just about getting that big 4K TV set, a brand new PS4 Pro, or that Kitchen Aid mixer for a head start on your holiday purchases. No, think of your furry friends, your dog, who needs a new toy to play with, some extra special treats that you’d normally wouldn’t buy for regular price.

Get the biggest bang for your buck this holiday season by shopping for your dog and getting the biggest tail wag for your good deeds. You can find all of our picks on sale from nearly every retailer, including Amazon, Petco, and Petsmart.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy Combo Pack
You can never have enough Nylabones on-hand if you’re an owner of a teething puppy or a dog who likes to work out those jaw muscles. These are great chew toys that last a long time, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth if you grab their combo pack during the Black Friday sales.

MixMart Waterproof Pet Seat Cover
A power-buy for any pet owner, especially those who own big, fluffy outdoor dogs that you need to transport around in your car. This waterproof pet seat cover will protect any type of vehicle and will provide a nice little area for your dog to feel comfortable laying on while in your car. Nothing gets through this polyester cover, not even sharp claws.

Fleece Lined Waterproof Dog Jacket
The perfect gift for short-haired dogs, this special made dog jacket keeps your dog warm without chaffing or sliding around on them. They come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all types of dogs. The jackets are lined with reflective material and include a slot to hook your dog’s leash to their collar. The waterproof barrier makes it a great coat to wear up north, where it likes to rain during the winter, i.e. Chicago, Boston, Seattle, etc.

KONG Classic Dog Toys
These are doggy favorites and provide hours of entertainment with very little effort. Just load up these little guys with your dog’s favorite treat, preferably something sticky like peanut butter, and watch them roll around trying to scrape every last flavor out of the hole. You can never have enough KONGs, as they get so much use over the year.

PetSpy Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs
Shopping for summer-related items during the winter is just smart shopping. A cooling mat for your dog can completely change the game for how you are able to provide relief to your dog while still being active during the summer heat. The cooling mat stays cool for a long time and is effective at delivering relief while they are resting on their underside, where heat is transferred quickly off of their organs/lungs.

The You & Me Pawsitively Plaid Dog Bed
A nice little charming bed that is made out of the same soft fleece material that was in our dog jacket on the list. This pillow-y little dog bed is cozy and holds a nice shape to accommodate a good range of dog sizes. The cover to the bed is easy to toss in the washer and won’t fall apart while cleaning. A great holiday companion for your four-legged friend.
What’s your dog’s favorite treat he likes to receive in his stocking? Tell us!

Happy Shopping!

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