Five Great Chew Toys For Dogs Who Can Destroy Anything

Fort Lauderdale Dog SitterIf you have an aggressive chewer – a dog who won’t give up until his toy is in pieces – here are some of the toughest chew toys for dogs.  None of them are completely indestructible; however, they should hold up for a lot of playing and rough handling.

Chew toys for dogs!

1. Kong Products. The Kong Company makes some of the most heavy-duty products available for dogs, and they are fun to play with. A big part of the reason is the ability to fill many of the toys with food that dogs must work at to get to. For example, you can take a big Kong ball, put a handful of kibble inside, then a spoon or two of peanut butter and give it to your canine. The kibble will mix with the peanut butter and make it easier for your dog to reach the yummy part. These are toys that hold up well, and keep your best friend busy for a long time.  Kongs can be purchased online directly through the Kong Company.

2. Zogoflex Dog Toy. Zogoflex toys are made from tough materials that are safe and non-toxic for your dog. The company offers a one-time per item replacement should your pet manage to damage her toy. The product line includes playthings that can be stuffed with food, tug toys, and discs and balls for fun games of fetch. They have a wide variety of products to satisfy the interest of almost any dog.  Zogoflex chew toys for dogs can be purchased online.

3. Mega Ring. The Mega Ring is a fun toy if your dog loves to play fetch or a good game of tug. Many of their products will float, making them perfect for water play. The company makes a wide variety of soft chew toys, many of them with squeakers to hold your pet’s interest. While not impossible to rip apart to remove the squeakers, this product has reinforced stitching and up to seven layers of material. It’s a tough toy for aggressive chewers.  Purchase Mega Ring chew toys for dogs

4. Dent-A-Tug. This toy is part-rope, part-tough plastic end caps – perfect for tugging, fetching, and chewing. It’s not quite as durable as some of the other toys, but should keep most aggressive chewers happy and busy for awhile. The company states the toy massages and flosses your dog’s teeth as he chews, and also promotes fresh breath. That is definitely an added bonus. Purchase Dent A-Tug chew toys for dogs.

5. Nylabone. Nylabone toys are great for dogs who love to gnaw and chew. Many of them are in the shape of bones. They are nearly indestructible and are great choices for dogs who can destroy almost any other play thing. These toys can be smooth, or have ribs and nubs for added gripping. Nylabones also come in different flavors, such as peanut butter, bacon, and chicken. Purchase Nylabone chewe toys for dogs. Chew toys for dogs

We hope you find this to be a handy list of tough and sturdy chew toys for dog toys for your aggressive chewer. Your dog can have lots of long-lasting fun with products that are tough, entertaining, and versatile. If you have anything to add to this list, please share your favorites with Daily Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters.


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  2. Very informative article.These toys are very good and durable.They are not even harmful too.

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