Choosing a good pet sitter in Fort Lauderdale

Choosing a good Pet Sitter So how do you go about choosing a pet sitter?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a good pet sitter. One major factor is finding a pet sitter in your area that provides the service that you and your pet require. Are you looking for daily dog walking, vacation pet care, cage free home boarding, or for someone to stay in your home to pet and house sit.

Secondly, and I think this is a big one and that is trust. You need to find a pet sitter that you trust and that can provide peace of mind. This pet sitter will not only be walking your dog but also entering your home. Therefore when choosing a good pet sitter you need to think about handing over your house keys and security codes.

Most pet sitters will cover the basic items such as walk the dog, refresh the water and give a treat if permitted. Is that enough when choosing a good pet sitter?

You will want to make sure your pet sitter is insured. This will help distinguish whether they are a professional pet sitter or a hobby pet sitter. A good pet sitter will have adequate insurance.

Does your dog require any special or additional services? If so, will there be an extra charge? Be sure to ask if there is a “premium charge” for weekends or Holiday’s. How will emergencies be handled?

If you are going on an extended trip you may want to know if the same pet sitter will be tending to your pets the entire time. Also what, if any, extras are included while you are on vacation such as bringing in the mail and newspapers, turning on/off lights and taking out the trash bins.

When searching the web for a pet sitter don’t be discouraged or move on if a pet sitter does not list prices. Many, like Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters will customize a service for you.

When calling it is wise to have your list of questions readily available, along with your travel dates and or pet sitting or dog walking schedule. Be specific with your needs when you call. This will be helpful to you and the potential pet sitter.

And finally, if you are having a hard time choosing a good pet sitter and simply must take your dog on vacation with you there are plenty of dog friendly vacation destinations. Check out Go Pet Friendly.

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  1. Nick Bella says

    Good to know Anthony. My pups and I are glad we found you.

  2. Kayden James says

    Pet sitters do much more than providing food and water to pets while the owner is away from home. A good pet sitter spends quality time with pets and gives him exercises and knows how to tell if he needs any veterinary attention. Most of the pet sitters offer many other additional services.

  3. Kayden James says

    Keep posting articles 🙂


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