Choosing the best dog food

Tips for choosing the best dog food

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter choosing the best dog food Lifes AbundanceWith so many dog food brands available how do you go about choosing the best dog food? Do you choose a food because of the packaging? Because the commercial makes the dog look happy and healthy as he eats and then runs through a field?

Choosing the best dog food can be somewhat overwhelming. With so many brands on the market today where exactly is the best place to begin choosing the best dog food.

Ingredient labels, like on food consumed by humans, is also on dog food packaging. That is the perfect place to start. Being able to understand what is on the ingredient label is the key to choosing the best dog food. The dog food will contain mostly the ingredients that are highest on the label.

If by-products are first or high on the label the food should be avoided at all costs. By-products or by-product-meals are ingredients made up of animal waste parts and are unfit for both human and dog consumption. By-products parts do not have any nutritional value.

Other ingredients or “things” to avoid is anything artificial like dyes and flavors. They are synthetic additives and serve no purpose. Some of the red dyes can stain the dog’s fur around their mouth. Also “fillers” should be avoided. Dog food is sold by weight and fillers don’t serve any nutritional value they just add weight to the bag of food. Fillers are things like flour, wheat gluten and corn meal gluten.

So now that you know what not to look for when choosing the best dog food. What should you be looking for? 

It is really pretty simple when it comes right down to it. Check the ingredient label and make sure meat, chicken or lamb or natural ingredients are on or near the top of the list. Also look for dog foods that don’t contain preservatives or by-products.

In a nutshell, when choosing the best dog food read the ingredient label. If it lists edible items that you understand then it is more than likely a good choice.

As a pet care provider in Fort Lauderdale, my personal recommendation if Life’s Abundance.

Good luck with choosing the best dog food.


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