Choosing the best leash for your dog

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter give you the low down on choosing the best leash for your dog 

When it comes to choosing the best leash for your dog which type of dog leash is best.? Dog leads or leashes come in a variety of designs and colors.  Some are made of nylon and others are leather.  Some leads are made for fun with bright colors and designs, some are made for convenience and others have a special purpose.

Pet Sitter Fort Lauderdale choosing the best leash for your dogBasic nylon lead:

A standard basic lead is flat and 6 feet in length. A basic lead is my personal favorite. It is also quite versatile.  If you every find a stray or happen to be without a collar you can use it as slip lead or in an emergency situation, you can easily make a muzzle out of it.

Retractable lead:

Or as we professional dog walkers call them “my dog got hit by a car lead.” A retractable lead consists of a thin cord wound onto a spring loaded hand held device. As your dog walks away from you, the cord unwinds and when he walks toward you, the cord retracts into the hand held device. A button on the handle allows you to control how much of the cord can be extended and you can also lock the lead at a desired length which is my personal recommendation.

Many like retractable leads because they give dogs more freedom to explore their surroundings on a walk, but these leashes have many drawbacks and can even be very dangerous to both the dog and the dog walker.

Drawbacks to a retractable lead:

The handle is usually bulky and often hard to hang onto, this allows for minimal control over your dog. Your dog could easily pull the handle out of your hands and escape. He also might be scared if the handle hits his body as it falls or bounces on the ground behind him.

Even if you pay close attention to your dog, a retractable lead lets them get far enough away from you to where they can run into traffic and get seriously injured or killed. It is never a good idea to let your dog get too far ahead or you or out of your sight range.

The cord on these leads is very thin and can easily break. If you have a strong dog who suddenly takes off running at full speed, the cord can snap. If this happens you may be injured by the cord as it whips back toward the leash handle. You and/or your dog could become entangled in the leash, resulting in cuts, burns, and possibly even amputation. Never try to pull your dog back by grabbing the cord. Personally I would not entertain a retractable leash when choosing the best leash for your dog.

Bungee lead:

Like a bungee cord a bungee lead stretches to help control a dog that pulls while walking on a lead and can help minimize the risk of neck injury.

Slip lead:

A slip lead looks like a regular flat lead except it has a metal ring on one end instead of a clip. You form a loop by passing the lead through the ring. Then you put the loop over your dog’s head. A slip lead is not recommended because you can’t control the tightness. You can easily damage your dog’s windpipe or strangle them by pulling too hard.

When walking your dog at night always stay safe. Remember to wear reflective clothing and get a lead and collar made of reflective material. It is always wise to carry a flashlight as well.

Hopefully this will help your decision when choosing the best leash for your dog!

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