Choosing the right collar for your dog

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter gives tips on choosing the right collar for your dog. 

Choosing the right collar for your dog is an important factor in making sure that walking your dog is a pleasant experience for you both. What is better than being in the great outdoors?  You and your dog getting plenty of exercise while helping your dog maintain a healthy weight. Walking helps ware down a dog’s nails and also helps to control destructive behavior.

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter choosing the right collar for your dogFor some dog owners walking their dog is not a pleasant experience. There are many dogs that pull whenever they see people, dogs or the dreaded squirrels that they want to chase after. A basic obedience course can solve some of the walking and pulling issues but choosing the right collar for your dog can make a difference?

I do not recommend choke or pinch collars. Many dogs continue to pull with these types of collars to the point where they can damage their windpipe or puncture their skin.

For small to medium sized dogs a harness works well. They are very secure and it is highly unlikely that your dog will slip out of them if properly fitted. A harness will not press on the throat so there is no need to worry about choking or damage to the windpipe.  A harness also comes in handy if you ever need to lift the dog. They can be lifted with the leash right into your arms.

For larger dogs that pull I recommend a halter like the Gentle Leader or products from Easy Walk. These fit around the nose and behind the ears. The halter gives the best control without causing any discomfort. Instead of having to pull the entire dog to change direction, you simply turn the head in the direction you are walking and the dog will follow. Some dogs will fight these at first by pawing at their face and rubbing it on the ground.  Generally the dogs that fight it the most are the ones that need it the most.

For dogs that will not tolerate the halter circling their nose I would recommend the Gentle Leader harness. The biggest advantage of this harness is that it attaches and pulls tight in front of the dog’s chest. Once again you are able to turn or lead the dog instead of having to move their entire body.

It is important that all collars, harnesses and halters are properly fitted. For the latest in dog collars check out “Hot Dog Collars.”


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