Digestive Problems in Puppies

digestive problems in puppiesDoes your puppy have a sensitive tummy?  Digestive problems in puppies can be quite common. Puppies are similar to human babies in that they both have sensitive digestive systems.  Diarrhea and constipation are common occurrences for puppies and are usually nothing to be alarmed about however, there are occasions when digestive upset can be a sign that something more serious is at play

Common Digestive Problems in Puppies:Diarrhea

Puppies suffer from diarrhea for a variety of reasons particularly stress and dietary changes.  In these cases, your puppy is likely to feel better after a day or two.  You can help your puppy by providing him with a lot of fresh water and opportunities for rest.  You may also consider an at home remedy to speed up the process. Consider giving your puppy canned pumpkin or plain yogurt to help firm up his stool.  If your puppy shows no signs of improvement after two days, or has bloody diarrhea you must immediately connect with your veterinary doctor.


While constipation in puppies is not as frequent as diarrhea, it is still common for it to occur every now and then.  But, why? Well, with the weather heating up dehydration is one cause.  In fact, dehydration is the most common cause of constipation in puppies.  Other causes include a lack of dietary fiber, stress, lack of exercise, intestinal obstructions, tumors, side effects from surgery and even infected anal glands.  Plenty of fresh water, a high quality diet, exercise and supplements such as digestive enzymes and probiotics will also help remedy constipation in your puppy as well as promote a strong digestive system.  Keep in close contact with your veterinary doctor if your puppy has trouble passing stool.  If an intestinal blockage is present, your puppy will need immediate care.

Diarrhea and constipation are common digestive issues in puppies due to their sensitive and developing digestive system.  Always seek the direction of a vet if either of these problems last for more than a day or two.  In fact, the best route is to always at least call your vet as they will advise you over the phone and request that you come in if they see the potential for a serious situation.

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