Disabled Pet Day

disabled pet dayDisabled Pet Day, or now known as Specially-Abled Pet Day is approaching. Mark your calendars and set a reminder on your phones for May the 3rd, as this day celebrates the National Specially-Abled Pets Day! Founder Colleen Paige originally started this international holiday under the name of National Disabled Pets Day, but has since been updated to reflect the most accurate description of these amazing pets.

These pets may need special assistance to account for their handicaps, but they are certainly not disabled! For instance, pets that are blind, deaf, or lacking one of their limbs are noticeably stronger in other areas to compensate for their loss. All they need are good owners who will welcome them and love them unconditionally. Is that person you?

Celebrating Disabled Pet Day with Style!

Make May 3rd a day that you and your favorite pet participate in some special activities that are designed for maximum enjoyment, despite their special needs. You can discover a number of special events that will be taking place locally, animal shelters, dog parks, and community organizers have been very active during this special holiday.

This is a great opportunity for anyone, not just specially-abled pet owners, to learn and interact with these beautiful creatures, raising awareness for just how common it is to find specially-abled pets. You’ve probably already walked by them and just never noticed them because most of these pets are living happy, healthy lives, thanks to their awesome owners.
Specially-abled pet owners can find outdoor events to enjoy food, games, and workshops to help improve the quality of their lives with their pets.

Rewarding those with Special Needs

Another great way to celebrate National Specially-abled Pet Day is to do a checklist on any prescriptions, checkups, or special equipment that may need updating to help improve their enjoyment of life. If that’s unnecessary, consider visiting an animal org or pet shelter and seeing how you can help donate or volunteer to assist any pets with special needs.

These amazing pets just need to be given a chance to love, and sometimes they might need a little boost in getting there—whether that be surgery, prosthetics, prescriptions, or dietary assistance. You can make a big impact on the livelihood of specially-abled pets out there, even if all you have to give is your advice to pet owners or your time spent interacting with pets who are waiting to be adopted.

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