Do you home board puppies?

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Do you home board puppies? Yes and here is proof!

I often get asked by clients if I home board puppies and the answer is “of course I do.” People often get puppies and then the unexpected work trip comes up or they already have a vacation planned and they don’t know what to do with their new puppy.

Have no fear Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters is here to help out. As you know puppies need much more care than a grown dog therefore puppy boarding is the best option. Puppies have a tendency to chew and they have to be let out more often for potty breaks and then there is the occasional accident.

Therefore leaving your puppy at home and hiring a pet sitter or friend for multiple visits is not a good option. Many people feel that boarding their puppy at the veterinarian office is the best place for them in the event of a medical emergency. But if you think about it a veterinarian office is a place of business where they have clients coming in and out all day. Your puppy will be in a cage pretty much all day except for occasional potty breaks and they will be left alone in a cage all night.

With private dog boarding your puppy will get the extra attention and love that it needs along with becoming socialized in a safe, clean and controlled environment.

Dogs are pack animals by nature and it is very important to start socializing or introducing your dog to other dogs at an early age. This will help making them a more rounded and much happier dog.

Dogs that are not socialized have a tendency to be fearful of other dogs and often suffer from separation anxiety because they become too attached to their owner. This situation becomes difficult for the dog and the owner alike.

When a dog suffers from separation anxiety it can become almost impossible at times for the pet parent to even leave the house. The dog often barks excessively, whines, messes in the house and may become destructive. And that is if you have to leave for work! What would happen if you wanted to take a two week vacation?

If you have a puppy, do yourself a favor and start socializing it as soon as possible. You and your puppy will be much happier.

Do you home board puppies?

So when asked “Do you home board puppies?” I happily say “Yes I home board puppies.”

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