Sun, Sand, Surf … and Dog Beach Etiquette

Dog Beach Fort LauderdaleHey Fort Lauderdale, did you know that at one time government officials almost banned dogs entirely from Jupiter Beach?  Why, because the lack of dog beach etiquette. Well, that is a fact and with spring break right around the corner and the summer months quickly approaching, sun gods and goddesses like you are ready to hit the sand.  Your best canine companion might want to tag along with his best human, but before you pack your beach bag and Fido’s too, there are a few things need to know.

In 1994, a group called “Friends of Jupiter Beach” was formed to save this dog friendly beach after officials stated that they had enough of irresponsible dog owners! The main reason was due to the dog waste left on the beach.  This is a common problem all across the U.S. and one of the main reasons, along with the blatant disregard for leash laws that has caused dogs to be banned at MOST beaches. Friends of Jupiter Beach raised money to help keep Jupiter Beach free of dog waste and provided poop dispensers and bags at the beach.  Their group goes out and cleans up any waste left behind once a month.  Friends of Jupiter Beach promotes and supports good conduct by dog owners and, with your help and good citizenship, Jupiter beach and other dog friendly beaches will stay dog friendly for years to come.

In 2006 a group of Hollywood residents along with advocates of South Florida formed “The Dog Beach of Hollywood,” allowing dogs and their owners to enjoy the surf and sand between Custer & Pershing Streets.

CanineBeach in FortLaudredale is located at A1A and Sunrise. Dog beach etiquette. 

Here at Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters, we promote responsible pet ownership while encouraging you to enjoy quality time with your beloved canine.  Here are some top dog beach etiquette tips to help make a day at the beach enjoyable for you and your pooch, while displaying the utmost consideration for all beach-goers.  Read on….

Dog Beach etiquette:

  • Make yourself aware of which beaches are dog friendly BEFORE arriving at the beach.
  • Always abide by leash laws allowing your pet to roam free only in clearly designated areas.
  • Take your dog to the beach during non-peak hours until he gets used to beach environment.
  • If you prefer to let your dog run free (and it is allowable by law), make sure your dog can obey simple commands. It will keep him safe and he’ll be less likely to disturb other beach-goers.
  • Always keep an eye on your dog and DO NOT let him approach other people (or kick sand on them), unless they invite him.
  • Clean up pet waste.  Don’t bury it in the sand or let it roll out to sea.

If you prefer to leave your best friend at home while you enjoy the beach, contact us at Daily Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters.  We can pet sit and provide some fun at home for your dog while you enjoy a guilt-free time away at the beach.

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