Dog myth or old wives tale?

dog myth fort lauderdale pet sitterDog myth, old wives tales, or rumors? Whichever you consider them to be there are plenty. Beliefs passed down they through the years make their way into our daily thoughts. Let’s review seven common “dog myths” that are out there about our four legged friends.

Dog myth or old wives tale?

Dog Myth 1 – Garlic keeps away fleas and worms. False. This may ward off Dracula but aside from that nothing else. And too much garlic can be harmful. Skip this one.

Dog Myth 2 – Tail wagging equates to happiness. False. This all depends on the dog and what is taking place. While sometime yes, it can signify happiness it can all mean the dog is angry, anxious, scared or even ready to bite.

Dog Myth 3 – When my dog eats grass it’s cause his tummy is upset. According to research this has not been proven. Eating grass will make Fido vomit in some cases as it irritates the stomach. Some dogs enjoy the grazing and even the taste of grass.

Dog Myth 4 – Dogs are colorblind. Not true. Dogs can see a handful of colors from blue, yellow greenish yellow and shades of gray. They tend to have a tougher time with red and dark green.

Dog Myth 5 – My dog’s mouth is cleaner then a human! Ummm sorry Charlie but no! Your dog’s mouth has more germs inside of it then you would probably care to know about. Consider what they eat and do with their mouths. There’s a lot bacteria hanging out in there! That’s another reason to brush your dog’s teeth just like you brush yours!

Dog Myth 6 – You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Actually yes, you can. Senior dogs may require more time and patience but they in no way are untrainable.

Dog Myth 7 – Tug of war will make Fido aggressive. Actually this game may help Fido with the aggressive nature by providing an outlet.

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