Dog Tag, Microchip or Both?

Should I get a dog tag, microchip or both? Picture this, you’re at home going about your business when your cell phone rings. You look at the screen and you don’t have the number of the person calling. After a few seconds of contemplating, you decide to answer the call. “Hello?” you answer   sans enthusiasm. In response you hear “My name is so and so and I believe I have your dog Fido.” At that point you freeze, run to the back yard and for sure find the gate ajar! Someone found your dog! That’s good news, but the not so good news is that too many dogs never become reunited with their pet parents because they are not protected with a dog tag or microchip!

Ensuring your dog has a tag makes a big difference in guaranteeing his or her safety. Now add in a microchip and your dog is even safer. We cannot control our dogs’ movements round the clock and some dogs are more mischievous than others. No matter how cautious you are, some dogs will find a way to escape from your home.

Below are tips on ensuring that your dog is safe with little hassle:

  • Have a microchip implanted into your dog. Your vet can easily do this and it is affordable. On average, a microchip will cost around $45 and often times even less expensive than that. With a scan of the chip, your contact information can quickly and easily be pulled up and you will be reunited with your dog! Please note that you, as the owner, must be sure to update your contact information should you relocated and be sure that your information is in the national registry!   Additionally, this chip has no impact on your dog’s wellbeing and so you do not have to worry about any side effects when having the chip implanted.
  • Ensure your dog is wearing a dog tag. A good dog tag should be able to hold a considerable amount of text. It should have your dog’s name, your personal phone number, as well as the microchips ID number. This way should someone encounter your lost dog, they will be able trace it directly to you.

Having a tag with a microchip incorporated is so convenient. It only takes a phone call to the owner to help get the wandering dog home. When your dog wanders, they’ll most likely bump into a stranger before you even realize he/she is gone. The numbers on the tag help ensure that they can reach the dog owners directly.

The information contained in the microchip contains a fall back number but having one on the dog’s tag ensures that you can be easily reached! A microchip can also help prevent someone from keeping your dog.  This means when someone find your dog with a tag, they’d rather report the incident than try to take advantage.

Having a dog tag is important but having a microchipped pet is an added layer of protection.  Having both significantly enhances the chances that you will be reunited with your dog.

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