Dog Vitamins, does your senior dog need them?

Pet Tabs for Senior Dogs

Pet Tabs for Senior Dogs

Just like humans, dogs don’t stay young forever. A senior dog can develop similar problems and diseases as their human counterparts such as dementia, memory loss, arthritis, hip and joint problems and even diabetes. Are dog vitamins the answer?

As dogs age they begin to slow down, they have less energy and therefore their activity level decreases. Those are all outward signs of an aging dog but there are things going on internally that we are unable to see. There will be changes in their immune system which will make it harder for their bodies to fight infection.

How quickly a dog will show signs of aging are hard to determine because it is a combination of genes and environmental factors. There are a few steps you can take to help your aging dog live a longer active and healthy life.

  • Routine Veterinary visits and exams
  • Feed them premium dog food for their specific needs
  • Make sure they get plenty of exercise
  • Keep their weight in check especially for dogs with hip and joint problems
  • Keep their teeth and gums in top shape

In order to maintain or improve your senior dog’s quality of life, feeding them premium dog food is the first step. For more information on premium dog foods please read my blog titled “choosing the best dog food.”

Senior dogs may not be getting all of the nutritional value needed from its dog food there fore he may need a daily vitamin supplement.

Pet Tabs – senior dog supplements

Vitamin supplements such as Pet Tabs will help strengthen your dog’s immune system, increase your senior dog’s energy and boost his metabolism. Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of Pet Tabs for your senior dog.

The combination of a healthy diet and a daily supplement will ensure that you senior dog is getting all of the nutritional value needed to live a long and healthy life! Isn’t that what all pet parents want for our pets?

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