Dogs and Christmas Trees

christmas dog fbThanksgiving is over and now it is time to put up the Christmas tree. Dogs and Christmas trees are not always the best combination. At times even the best behaved dogs find it hard to resist temptation when it comes to a Christmas tree.

Here are some safety tips when it comes to dogs and Christmas trees:

Placement: Christmas comes but once a year and during the Holiday season we want to enjoy our tree. If possible, try to pick a spot where the tree is not in a high traffic area but is still visible. Many of us like to place our tree in front of the picture window in the living room. If your dog likes to look out the window the tree may be in his way and cause him to knock it over. Also try to place the tree near an outlet so you there are not electrical cords running across the floor. Dogs and Christmas trees.

Tree bags: Tree bags are a great way to catch pine needles as they fall from the tree. When setting up the tree place it in the center of the tree bag. When it is time to take down the tree remove the ornaments and lights and place the bag over the tree. This will catch the falling pine needles and prevent them from being eaten by your pet. Fir tree oils can irritate your dog’s mouth and stomach.

Make sure the tree is secure: Dogs and cats can easily knock over a tree and get seriously injured. A tree placed in a corner can be secured on two sides by placing small hooks in the wall on either side. Use fishing wire or twine. You can also place a hook in the ceiling and secure the tree from the top. Dogs and Christmas trees.

Electrical cords: Hide or elevate all electrical cords, especially from puppies that chew.

Ornaments/Hooks: Purchase safe ornaments. Glass ornaments can easily break and the pieces can be eaten by dogs or the glass can cut their paws. Do not place glass, breakable or edible ornaments on lower tree limbs. Ornament hooks can be especially dangerous to pets. Ornaments often fall off of the trees and dogs will play with them and swallow the hooks causing intestinal damage. Try using yarn or twine instead of hooks.

Tree water: Many trees are treated with preservatives and pesticides. Do not allow your dog to drink the tree water. If you feel your dog has ingested something poisonous contact the pet poison hotline immediately.

Dogs and Christmas trees don’t always make the best combination. Please follow these simple steps and have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. My dog likes to sleep under the tree.

  2. Why does my dog always sit under the Christmas tree he has done it since we got him as a pup he is now 5yrs old he just lies there


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