Dogs with Jobs

dogs with jobsDoes your dog have a job? Well, of course we know that your dog’s main job is be your ever faithful, loving companion but, he just might have the potential to make a difference in the world at large. Not convinced?  Well, there are dogs with jobs and now more than ever dogs are being put to work and they’re giving their human counterparts something to say hmmmm about.  Here are just a few of the jobs that your dog might be qualified for.

Dogs with Jobs – What can a dog do?

Therapy Dogs

Dogs continue to be used therapeutically in retirement homes, hospitals, funeral homes, nursing homes and prisons as a source for comfort.  It’s been thoroughly researched and proven that dogs ARE therapeutic.

Service Dogs

Dogs serve humans every day around the world by making their day to day activities a little easier.  There are hearing dogs, guide dogs, seizure alert dogs, autism dogs and mobility assistance dogs.  These dogs help their humans live more independently.

Water Rescue Dogs

Dogs can be trained to recognize unconscious swimmers as well as rescue swimmers that are struggling to stay afloat.  Newfoundlands are one such breed that is utilized for this very purpose.  These powerful heroes swim out and grab people in troubled waters and then ever so gently lead them to safety.

Detection Dogs

A dog’s sense of smell is a hot commodity.  Dogs can be trained to sniff out, or detect just about anything! Food, cancer, drugs, bedbugs, contraband, and bombs are just a few things that dogs are being used to detect.

Police Dogs

German Shepherds along with many other breeds are pounding the pavement and saving lives daily with our police force.  K-9 or police dogs are used for search and rescue, detection and maintaining peace.  There really is nothing they can’t do.

You might think that dogs performing these tasks are few and far between but that’s simply not so.  In fact, there was even a television show produced with National Geographic called “Dogs with Jobs”.  It ran from the years 2000 – 2004.  Ever see it? Look for the reruns – or check out this book “Dogs with Jobs – Working Dogs around the World”.


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