3 Cool Tools to Help Ease Separation Anxiety

Ease Separation Anxiety Ft. Lauderdale Pet SitterAre you getting frustrated as you wait to see the fruits of your efforts in regards to the behavior modification program you’ve set up to help rid your dog of his separation anxiety?  Well, read on to learn about some “cool tools” we learned about in Nicole Wilde’s book “Don’t Leave Me, Step-by-Help for your Dog’s Separation Anxiety” that could serve to ease the transition or fix the separation anxiety issue entirely.

Tips to help ease separation anxiety:


A few days after having puppies, female dogs give off pheromones (scent) that serve to give a sense of security to the puppies.  The puppies are able to detect these pheromones through the vomero-nasal organ, which is connected to the puppy’s limbic system.  The limbic system, as we learned from Ms. Wilde’s book, is “associated with moods and emotions”.  The scent has an impact on emotion so it can alter behavior that is associated with anxiety.  So the scent from Dog Appeasing Pheromones can change the feeling of anxiety to security.  Think of how you associate scent with certain emotions – well, it’s the same with your dog.  There is a synthetic form of the pheromones given off by a lactating female.  It comes in a spray form and in an electric diffuser form.  Ms. Wilde notes in her book that she has seen more dogs than not who have been helped by this.  It’s worth a shot!

Help ease separation anxiety with music

In her book, Ms. Wilde references the work of Leeds and Wagner and their book “Through a Dog’s Ear.”  Leeds and Wagner studied the impact of music on animals and noted that between 70 and 85 percent of dogs were noticeable calmer when exposed to piano music, even dogs in a kennel environment.  Ms. Wilde suggests playing the music starting about 20 minutes before you’re due to leave the house.  She discourages against playing the music just as you leave as your dog may associate music with your departure.  She also suggests playing the music at times while you are at home relaxing with your pup or massaging or petting your dog while the music is playing.

Flower Essences may help ease separation anxiety

You’ve heard of aromatherapy, right?  Maybe you’ve even used it for yourself for various reasons.  Well, think aromatherapy for dogs.  It’s used in essentially the same way.  You can spray it in the air or add a few drops to your dog’s drinking water.  Don’t worry, it’s safe too. There are individual essences, such as honeysuckle, chicory, heather, and star of Bethlehem, that are used to treat specific behavioral or health issues related to separation anxiety in dogs.  There is also a product called “Rescue Remedy” that is a healing combination of five scents that is also used to ease anxiety and stress related behaviors.

If you would like to learn more about these and other cool tools to help ease separation anxiety and their associated behaviors in your dog, read Nicole Wilde’s book “Don’t Leave Me! Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety”. This book also discusses behavior modification as well as the importance of a “firm foundation” which includes nutrition, exercise, management options and pharmacological intervention.  Have you used any of these “cool tools” to help ease separation anxiety in your dog (or cat)?  Comment below and let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

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