5 Gifts for your Dog

gifts for your dogDo you buy gifts for your dog at Christmas? Did you know that the majority of pet parents say they treat their dogs like human family members? Well, with that in mind, how could you leave any family member out of the Christmas festivities? That wouldn’t be fair. If you’re one of those pet parents who want your furriest family member to be a part of the Christmas fun, it’s not too late to get something for your little fur ball for Christmas.  No need to go crazy – keep it simple, and safe!

Here are our top five no fail Christmas gifts for your dog:

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater – So this gift is simply adorable and is a little more for you than for your pup (unless you have one of those dogs that likes to be dressed up in). An ugly sweater would make for a totally cute Christmas morning picture. After all, Christmas is all about the memories, isn’t it?
  2. Favorite treat – This is obviously an easy one. You know what your dog loves the most- freeze dried duck, raw hide, a bully bone… don’t only get one. This is the time to go big or go home! Fill that stocking! You know that your pup is going to go crazy when he sees all the delicious loot he got for Christmas.
  3. Toys, toys, and more toys – if you have a dog that likes to play with toys, such as Kongs, Balls, and Ropes, then you know exactly what to get. However, some dogs aren’t crazy playful when it comes to toys… some dogs just watch the ball go past them, then lay down and yawn. For dogs that are not so into toys you can choose stuffed animals (dog proofed of course). They can snuggle with their stuffy, or play with it if they choose to.
  4. A new bed- what is better than a new bed, that doesn’t stink, and is extra comfy. Winter is the best time to get a new bed too, because what is better on a cold winter day than laying in your snuggly and warm bed.
  5. A light up leash- another winter appropriate item. Days are shorter, meaning that it is dark by the time most individuals get home from work. This means that you, or your pet sitter, has to walk your dog in the dark. By choosing a light up collar and leash, drivers and cyclists can see your dog at night.  Night time visibility can save his, and your, life!  What gift is better than safety at the forefront?

I think we all know that even though our dogs love getting presents just as much as we do, there’s not gift that can ever replace the daily love and kisses that come directly from you! Now, all that’s left is to wish you and your pup a paw-some holiday season!


  1. Thanks for your list of Christmas presents you can get your dog. We grew up with a 105 pound black lab. He was considered family. He always got presents from Santa for Christmas. He was an active dog and loved walks. If your dog is the same way, you can get a dog walking service to help keep them healthy and active.

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