Halloween Dog Tips

Halloween dog tips4 Last Minute Halloween Dog Tips

Nobody likes to left out of the Tricks and Treats associated with Halloween; not even your dog!  Well, we’re here to let you know that you can get your Halloween on and bring Fido along, too!  However, you should adhere to a few safety measures to make sure that the night is fun for all involved.

  1. Know your dog. You might be thinking, “ummmm what?” Keep in mind how your dog most commonly reacts to unusual sights, sounds and pretty much just general unfamiliarity.  If he doesn’t appreciate a disturbance in his routine or any other change of pace for that matter, you might want to leave him home. It must also be noted that dogs will act out of character during times of stress.  A fearful dog can become a danger to himself and other people.  It only takes a moment for a fearful animal to bite a small child. Additionally, if you bring your dog out with you and he displays any signs of distress or anxiety, take him home.  Undue stress may result in health issues, a lost dog or even worse.


  1. Tag your dog. Your dog should be easily identifiable should he become separated from you and your family. Dog tags should be worn at all times (even when at home for that matter) and your dog should be micro-chipped.  Be sure your phone number and address are clearly displayed on the dog tag, too.  The goal is to be reunited sooner rather than later!


  1. Never allow your dog to eat human treats. Halloween candy can not only be dangerous, but deadly as well.  Simply put, candy is toxic! Given the opportunity, your dog may not be able to resist the temptation of Halloween candy.  Can you blame him? It’s your job to watch that little fur baby like a hawk.  Keep your dog away from anything sweet and be sure to tell any other party goers in your presence that human food of all kinds, especially chocolate is off limits to your dog.  You would be surpised at how many people still don’t know the dangers associated with even trace amounts of chocolate


  1. Let your dog choose his costume. Well, not literally!  However, keep your dog’s comfort in mind as you think about dressing him up for Halloween.  IF your dog appears irritated or uncomfortable, then snap a quick picture in his costume and call it a day.  A cute bandana or collar will be just as festive.  Always be sure your dog has freedom of movement in his costume and has clear sight of view as well.  Limited your dog’s movement and vision can also make him respond out of fear if he becomes startled throughout the night.


As you finalize your Halloween plans, be sure to take these 4 tips to heart.  Your dog’s safety and comfort is the key to everyone having a good time! One poor decision on your part can result in lifelong consequences on his part. Have a safe and happy Halloween!




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