Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Fort Lauderdale PetsitterHalloween is just around the corner. So it’s a good idea to prepare for it, let’s talk about Halloween pet safety. There are many things we as pet parents take for granted or just don’t think are hazards for our pets. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the health and well-being of our pets!

Here are several Halloween Pet Safety Tips:

1. Keep the costumes for the kids. Most pets do not like being dressed up. It stresses them more than you know. Considering this day is already a source of major sensory overload for your pet please don’t add to it by putting them into costumes unless you know for a fact they are completely comfortable with it.

2. If your pet is one of the few who do enjoy dressing up make sure the costumes are safe. Make sure your pet is able to breathe and go to the bathroom with ease. The outfit needs to be light weight so he doesn’t over heat. Make sure your pet’s costume glows in the dark or can be seen at night.  It is also imperative that your dog’s vision is not obstructed as this is dangerous and will make your pet very nervous.

3. Keep the wires for all lights and decorations safely tucked away. They can pose a chewing hazard and may cause your pet to get tangled and trip or even worse, wires can strangle your pet.

4. Pumpkins are a huge part of Halloween. Try avoiding the candles and use electric battery operated ones. Your dog or cat may accidentally knock down a pumpkin with a lit candle and cause a fire which can destroy your home and more importantly could cost your pet his life.

5. Trick or Treaters are not fun for your pup. Every time the bell rings there is a stranger at your door who your pet doesn’t know. Try sitting outside and wait for the little visitors. You can also put your pup in another room where he can feel safe and secure and this will also prevent him accidentally running away because he is fearful and trying to escape.

6. Keep the treats away from your pets reach. Chocolate is deadly for them as well as xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener found it some candy. Generally speaking, candy will cause an upset stomach at the very least and the wrappers could get lodged inside his intestines, which could lead to major surgery … or worse.

If you keep these Halloween Pet Safety tips in mind this will help keep Marley and Mile safe and sound during what should be a fun day!

Do you have any Halloween pet safety tips to share?

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