Holistic Diet, is it right for your dog?

Holistic diet pet sitter ft. lauderdaleAre you searching for a healthier way to feed your dog?  Possibly, you have heard that a “holistic” diet is the best for your dog but you’re noticing many dog food labels advertising their brand as “holistic”.  Does that sound like you?  If so, you’re probably really confused right now.

What exactly is a holistic diet?

Let me start by saying that a holistic diet does NOT consist of chemicals or anything artificial at all.  The diet should contain only whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Processed foods or by-products are out of the question!  The ingredients selected are used solely for the benefit of your dog.  Gone are the days of selecting a food because it looks and tastes good!  The holistic diet serves to provide your dog with proper nutrition to keep his body healthy and strong.

One of the most popular holistic diets is the Raw Food Holistic Diet.  The ingredients of a raw food diet are: Meat, offal, vegetables, fruit, eggs and bones.   These ingredients are essential to the proper growth and development of your dog.  It sounds cut and dry but there are some more things to consider.  Many people think that the raw food diet must be prepared at home but if you are crunched for time or have limited storage, you have other options.  There are variations to the raw food diet and you should select one that meets your lifestyle and budget.

Types of Raw Dog Food Holistic Diets

Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Dehydrated dog food is a raw diet contrary to what many pet parents think.  The dehydration process only serves to remove water.  All of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins remain and that’s what you want!  You should know that the dehydrated raw dog food has preservatives in it to keep the food fresh.

Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food – Freeze Dried food is a great option if you’re looking for flexibility.  It’s easy to store and is a popular choice for pet parents on a tight schedule and don’t’ have time to prepare food.  However, it is slightly deficient in nutrients so you would need to proceed with caution and you may need to supplement your dog’s diet.

Prepared Frozen Raw Dog Food – If you want the advantages of raw meat in its natural state (without the headache of at home preparation) then the prepared frozen raw dog food is for you and your pet.  This meat comes in many forms such as nuggets and patties.  You can select from chicken, rabbit, beef, turkey and essentially any meat.  The options are almost endless.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No byproducts or chemicals, which can cause major health issues.
  • Chances of developing diseases such as Cancer, allergies, diabetes, gum disease, and obesity are lessened.
  • Overall health is improved.  Shiny coats, strong teeth and bones, less body fat, and lean muscle contribute to a longer, healthier life span.
  • You control exactly what goes into your dog’s tummy.  Many dog food labels are hard to read so you never really know what you are feeding your dog.

Is your dog on a holistic diet?  How’s it going?  We’d love to hear all about it!

Picture courtesy  of “The pet beastro.”

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