Is Your Dog Having A Bad Hair Day?

bad hair dayDid you ever have a bad hair day? Believe it or not your dog can have a bad hair day too! Your dog can experience flaky and rough skin due to the cold dry winter air resulting in anything from a dull coat to constant scratching, hot spots or even lesions. Don’t let your dog suffer just because of winter weather. You can alleviate some of these symptoms by taking a few precautions.

One precaution is to use a humidifier in your home as soon as the temperatures start to drop. This alone can help prevent dry flaky skin in both dogs and humans.  Even though old man winter is in full force it is never too late to start using a humidifier.

Here are a few more tips to prevent your dog from having a bad hair day:

Health Issues: A dull coat and dry, flaky skin are common during the winter but they could also be symptoms of a more serious medical issue. If you see these symptoms pop up it is wise to take a trip to the veterinarian to first rule out any health problem.

Bundle up! Its cold outside: Slipping a sweater or coat on your dog will not only keep them warm, it will protect them from the effects of the cold and dry air that winter brings. This is very helpful during windy days when the wind chill can be well below freezing.

Brush regularly: Brushing your dogs coat stimulates the production of the oils that keep your dog’s coat shining and skin moisturized. Brushing will also evenly distribute those oils throughout your dogs coat leaving it healthy and shiny. It is recommended to not bathe your dog more than once a week. Frequent baths will wash away the healthy oils that help your dog’s skin stay soft and healthy.

Re think your dog’s diet: Poor nutrition can lead to dry skin and an unhealthy dull coat. A poor diet is one of the most common causes for dry itchy skin. You may think your dog is eating a balanced diet, but poor skin is one telling sign that their diet may need an update. Look for dog food that is rich in proteins and fatty acids. An all natural dog food is a wise way to go. Should you decide to switch your dog’s food be sure to mix the new in slowly with the old increasing the amount of new each time.

Those are our tips to prevent you dog from having a bad hair day!

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