Keep Your Dog Calm this Fourth of July

keep your dog calmKeep your dog calm this 4th of July, you may be ready to celebrate but chances are your dog isn’t. As we enter this holiday weekend to celebrate the founding of our country and the freedoms it has brought to us, it’s no surprise that our patriotism and pride billows over. While we all want to celebrate with sparklers and other fireworks, we must not forget that our furry footed counterparts just might not be so thrilled about the excitement and level of noise that America’s birth day brings. In fact, July 4th can be downright scary for many pets. So, what do you? Simply put, you prepare to keep your pets as calm as possible – but, how?

Follow these tips to keep your dog calm this holiday weekend and beyond.

  1. First and foremost, stay calm. Your pets will feed of your energy! If you are stressed, your pet will be, too!
  2. Invest in a few calming products. There are many products now on the market to keep your pet at ease during the 4th of July and beyond. Pills, sprays, treats and even clothing, such as the Thundershirt will help your pet stay chilled out during times when stress and anxiety are present. Be sure to test these products out ahead of time.
  3. Provide your pet with barriers to the noise. Keep the radio or television on to muffle out the outside noises that may be associated with your pet’s stress. A fan or window air conditioner is also a popular choice.
  4. Keep the blinds and windows closed. Not only will this muffle out the scary sounds associated with the 4th of July but it will also prevent the lights associated with fireworks (or even lightning) from entering the room.
  5. Monitor your dog while he is outside. Even if your yard is fenced in, never leave your pet unattended in the yard when he is frightened. Due to the fight or flight response animals (and humans) have, your pets, especially dogs, may become very resourceful in their efforts to flee from the perceived danger.
  6. Be sure that your dog is wearing updated identification. A dog tag and/or microchip will help reunite you with your pet should he get lost during the festivities or any other time during the year.
  7. Provide your pet with a place to seek shelter. Even while inside, your pet will look for safety. This can take on many forms: a crate, a darkened room, under a bed or in a bathroom are some typical places that your pets may look to hide.
  8. Exercise your pet early in the day. Play with your pet or take him for a brisk walk as doing so will burn off excess and energy and help him to be a little less frazzled during the fireworks.
  9. Leave your pet home. This is especially important if you have never experienced a 4th of July with your pet. Bringing him with you will put him in a situation of undue stress. The comfort of home is the best place for any pet during times of high stress.

Following these simple tips will aid in keeping your pet calm and secure as you celebrate the birth of our great nation. Happy Independence Day, America!

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