Make your dog happy in 3 easy steps!

How to make your dog happy in 3 easy steps

How to make your dog happy in 3 easy steps

During the summer as a child we would often complain to my mother that we were bored. Her response was “I’m bored too, now get outside and play” and that is exactly what we did. Otherwise she would have us washing windows or cleaning the bathroom. Dogs are not that different so let’s explore how to make your dog happy in 3 easy steps.

First off, have you ever seen a bored dog? They are usually whining or panting, kind of lethargic. A dog can get bored easily when left alone and I am sure you have all experienced coming home to a torn up house, or at least an unraveled roll of toilet paper.

Keeping your dog busy will also keep your dog happy. For those times that you leave your dog alone give him a chewy or a Kong filled with a treat. You can help make your dog happy by leaving them with their favorite toy.

It also helps to leave the television on or some classical music for them to chill too. Studies have shown that dogs that have something to do, or to keep them busy are generally happier, more well adjusted dogs.

So here are 3 easy steps to help make your dog happy

Play more often – I know time is always and issue but it is very important to take time to play with your dog. Even if carve out 5 or 10 minutes to play chase the ball or Frisbee your dog will appreciate it.

Find a game or something your dog loves – Like people dogs have their own favorite things. It may be playing fetch or it may be going for a morning run with you. Watch your dog and see what activities they like best.

Go for a ride – Most dogs love a car ride, unless they know they are going to the vet. Even if you drive around the block a few times your dog will enjoy the ride and appreciate your efforts. And if you happen to be going to the dog park or someplace fun they will even be more excited.

So there you go some simple steps to help make your dog happy!

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