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Ft. Lauderdale Pet Sitter Micro chip dog Your dog is a part of your family and as such, you should be taking precautions to safeguard them in every way possible.  Every year, millions of animals wind up in shelters across the U.S.  From that number, only small percentages are able to find their way back into their owners’ arms.  One way to ensure that should your pet become “lost”, they can find their way home much easier is to Micro Chip your dog.  There are alternate methods of identification such as ID tags on the collar; however those can become separated from your pet thereby defeating their purpose.  Let’s discuss Micro-Chipping and find out just how valuable this method can be.

What exactly is a Micro Chip? 

The vet will take a needle and place a small chip under your pet’s skin, just between the shoulder blades.  The chip is the size of a grain of rice.  That chip will have a unique ID number associated to it, which when scanned will present all of your pet’s info.  Micro-Chipping can be done on many different animals.  It is very similar to giving your pet a shot or injection and takes no time to complete.  It is a good idea to have this done at a Vet’s office.

How much does a micro chip cost? 

It is a fairly inexpensive procedure and does not take much time.  You can expect to pay anywhere from ten to fifty dollars.  Many folks decide to have this done while their dog is being spayed or neutered.  They will then be under anesthesia as well as undergoing a procedure already which will help with the costs of a separate office visit.  Additionally, many humane societies and adoption centers offer micro-chipping events which enable you to get your pet micro-chipped for next to nothing.

Is a micro chip worthwhile? 

Yes, it is.  Most veterinarians strongly recommend the Micro Chip.  As we discussed above, it is the best way to get your pet home quickly should they get lost and also serves as an added protection in the unlikely event that your pet is stolen.  Any veterinarian or animal shelter can simply scan your pet and have the ability to immediately contact you.  This does not negate the importance and convenience of identification tags either.  You should invest in both.  Your pet is worth it!

Talk with your vet, discuss your concerns and get a micro chip for your pet! For more micro chip information visit home again.

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