Motorola Scout 66 Pet Care Monitor

Pet Care MonitorEver wonder what your pets do during the day when you are not home? Or would you like to speak to them just so they can hear your voice and know you care?

Motorola has the solution. They have developed a compact camera for just that purpose. With the Motorola Scout 66 camera you can check in on your pets whenever you like, you can also speak to them through the onboard two way communication speaker.

The compact camera is affordable and easy to set up. The Scout 66 has a wide angle lens so it can capture a good part of the room. Place the camera in a location where your pet is most likely to visit. It requires power therefore it must be close to an outlet. 

The “on/off” switch is located on the back of the camera; switch the camera to the “on” position. The colored LED light will start flashing slowly after 2 beeps; this indicates that the camera is ready for set up.

The Motorola scout 66 was designed to be used in conjunction with a smart phone or tablet. Next download the Hubble for Motorola app from the App Store for IOS or from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Run the Hubble app on your smartphone or tablet, it will ask you to create an account. You can also download the Hubble App to your computer in order to view live streaming on your desktop.

Once you have it set up the Scout 66 is very easy to use. You and drop in anytime and check on your pets, say hello, or even play music through the camera speaker.

The camera also has infrared night vision for viewing with dim light along with motion detection so it will film a short video if motion is detected. The camera is not only great for keeping an eye on your pets but it can also help with keeping an eye on your home.

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