Pet Acupuncture

pet acupunctureIs pet acupuncture a good alternative for your ailing pet? For over two thousand years, Acupuncture has been used to bring relief to many people.  This healing art was has been proven to help with many human ailments.  Many swear by it, others live by it. Now, more and more Veterinarians are implementing pet acupuncture in addition to or in lieu of conventional medicine.  Veterinarians are taking training and becoming certified to utilize Pet Acupuncture and it is proving to be an amazing alternative treatment.

What is Pet Acupuncture?

In a nutshell, needles are inserted into various pressure points, or specific areas, on the body.  By doing this, it is believed that these special key areas when pierced by the needles tip, will release endorphins throughout the body.  These endorphins release feel good hormones which assist with the controlling of pain.  Blood vessels dilate which then in turn allows oxygen and blood to flow easily.  This added flow of oxygen and blood will then travel to the joints and muscles and work to stimulate them, which relieves pain. It is said that our pets have about 365 key points within their body that can be stimulated to bring relief and healing to various issues within their bodies.

There are a few different types of acupuncture:  

Acupuncture:  Needles are inserted into the skin at specific key points.

Aqua-puncture:  Special herbs and vitamins are placed on the tip of the needle before insertion.

Moxibustion:  Using a heat for healing concept, simple Chinese herbs are warmed up and placed on the tip of the needles.

Acupuncture with electrodes: Electrodes are placed on the tip of the needle, releasing electricity upon insertion.  This form of acupuncture is used quite often in paralysis cases.

Acupuncture has been used to treat some of the following:

  • Digestive issues
  • Respiratory problems
  • Kidney issues
  • Weakened Immune systems
  • Joint issues such as Arthritis, old age joint trouble and Hip Dysplasia
  • Muscle issues
  • Paralysis

Pet Acupuncture is now more readily available than ever before.  More and more pet parents are seeking alternatives to conventional medicine.  Often times, when conventional medicine produces little or no results, pet parents turn to alternative therapies.  Have you considered pet acupuncture for your fur baby?

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