Vacation Pet Care Options

vacation pet care optionsVacation Planning is in full swing and you’re probably trying to decide what to do with Marley and Milo.  You have quite a few pet care options and you might think this decision is just as daunting as planning the actual vacation.  As your trusted pet sitter here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we’re here to help you make the best educated decision. Some of your pet care options might include: having a friend or neighbor kids come in and sit for you, boarding at a doggie day care type facility, boarding at your local veterinary clinic or hiring a professional pet sitter.

Here are a few pet care options:

Friend or Neighbor Pros: You already know them and have developed a sense of trust with them.   Your pet might be familiar with them and they may already know some of your pet’s patterns and habits.  This makes them a viable option as you want your pet with someone that you are both familiar with.  This option also might make sense financially.

Questions to ask when considering this option:

  • Even though you are paying them, will they treat this as a professional responsibility?
  • Will your friend hug and kiss your dog or throw the ball 500 times in a row?
  • Does your friend know pet CPR?
  • Does your friend know how to handle an emergency should it arise?
  • Is your friendship worth losing over possible negligent behavior?

Boarding Facility or Veterinary Hospital Kennel Pros: A boarding facility might be a great option for you if you’re looking for a more professional atmosphere for your pet.  In a boarding facility, specifically a veterinary hospital – you can depend on medically trained staff to deal with any health care situation should it arise.  Your pet will most likely remain on a schedule of feeding and exercise with other dogs.   It is possible that your pet will receive attention by a staff of professionals that you are already familiar with as you will probably pick a veterinary hospital that your pet receives his medical treatment at.

Questions to ask when considering this option:

  • What time will my pet be fed every day?
  • How much exercise will my pet receive each day and will that be one on one or in a group setting?
  • Will someone play with my pet throughout the day?  How long?
  • Where is my pet crated? Are dogs and cats crated in the same room?
  • How long will my pet be left alone over night and on the weekends?

Professional Pet Sitter Pros:  A professional pet sitter provides the benefit of having a trusted friend watch your pet, the security of having CPR and first aid trained individuals caring for your pet as well as providing your pet with the comforts of the home environment.   In this scenario, your pet will be less stressed while you are gone because he will be surrounded by familiar scents and sounds, he can sleep in his own bed (or yours), he will not be in a crate for 22 hours a day, he has free access to his own toys and is in an environment that he feels safe.

Your pet sitter will follow his schedule of feeding, walks, play time and love time.   In this option, your pet will receive much more love and one on one time in a safe environment.   Your pet sitter will cater to your pet’s needs while you are away.  He will not have the stress of other animals and the worry of “Is my family coming back for me?” Keeping your pet in the home environment also keeps him healthy.  Did you know that your pet can contract many diseases while being boarded out at a kennel?  Any environment where your dog is exposed to other animals puts him at risk of illness, injury or even death.  Your dog could be exposed to kennel cough, distemper, flu, parvo, parasites, as well as flea and tick-borne diseases. Some illnesses are not fully protected by vaccination.

With summer months approaching, the flea and tick population is exploding and fleas and ticks can carry diseases to pets – some that can turn deadly.  Even if you use flea and tick prevention, your pet is still at risk of diseases carried by them simply by being exposed to other animals that may or may not be protected. As always, do your own research when considering pet care options.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.   If you are choosing out of home pet care facilities, see where your pet will spend his time and meet all of the people that will be involved with his care.  Find out their qualifications.

As always, contact us, your Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitter and pet care resource, right here in Fort Lauderdale. Let us know which pet care option works best for you!


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