5 Pet Friendly Cleaning Products

Pet friendly cleaning products Ft. Lauderdale Pet SitterAre you using pet friendly cleaning products? Do you worry about how your household cleaning products are affecting your pet’s health?  We worry about that too!  Unfortunately many of our commonly used household cleaning products are highly toxic to our pets.  We’ve uncovered some safe alternatives on the market.

Pet friendly cleaning products:

PawSafe Multi-Surface Cleaner – This glass cleaner is free of harsh chemicals and odors.  In fact, all of PawSafe products are made with a plant-based formula.  You can say good-bye to paw prints and nose prints around your home with this product.

Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes by Clorox– All of the products in the Green Works line are plant and mineral-based, come from biodegradable ingredients, and are NOT tested on animals!  Whenever possible they use environmentally friendly packaging.   They have designed a green product for all of your household needs.

Method Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner – This wood floor cleaner is safe for paws! It’s made with a non-wax, biodegradable formula that leaves your floors looking bright and shiny.  The almond fragrance smells amazing too!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner – This all-purpose cleaner is at least98% naturally derived.  You can use it on all sealed, hard surfaces.  This is free of phthalates, glycol solvents, chlorine, artificial colors, parabens, and animal derived ingredients.  Your house will smell fresh and inviting with the natural oils they use.  Rosemary, Bluebell, Honeysuckle…take your pick.

Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Natural Cleaner – This pet friendly product will work wonders on soap scum and stains in your shower and on your bathroom floor.  It comes in an emerald cypress & fir scent that will leave your bathroom with a clean, fresh scent.  This non-toxic formula is plant-derived and contains no harsh fumes.

As always, keep all household cleaners away from pets.  Read all labels and warnings before using any products.  Be your pet’s best advocate!  Remember, most pets will lick their fur and paws.  You do not want any residue left on any surfaces after you clean.  Many pet parents think the surfaces just need to be dry after cleaning, but you also need to keep residue to a minimum.  You can do this by diluting most household cleaners, especially those that are NOT non-toxic.

There is our list of pet friendly cleaning products. What are your favorite pet friendly cleaning products?

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