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Pet Lover apps 4 Pet Lover Apps You Can’t Live Without!

Now that the app industry has matured and grown into a reliable source of many different services, entertainment enhancers, and quality of life providers, there have been many new opportunities opened up that wasn’t possible years ago. One of those new exciting categories of apps that has increased in interest is the pet-related niche.

There are so many pet lover apps out there that can improve the lives of you and your pet, here are five of the best to try out:


Obedience and training is a very important part of a dog’s life; that goes for both puppies and older dogs, as it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. iClicker is an app that provides pet owners plenty of great techniques to train your dog to do all the key behavioral commands and break old bad habits with the use of its clicker commands. There are lots of training resources at your fingertips to help you learn the best methods from pet experts and dog trainers.


New pet owners always have to be alert when it comes to their pet’s health. It can be a stressful and scary situation to deal with a sick pet, that’s why this app is so clutch. Pet First Aid is an app that is made to answer all the most common health questions about pets, both cats and dogs. You can get emergency help, behavioral inquiries, and preventative care advice for any early red flags.


Need more pet educational resources at your fingertips? PetCoach is a powerful little app that compiles tutorials and tips from professional animal trainers and vets to give you a wide scope of topics and questions to search from. This app is also updated regularly with contributions from the community, so that you can get a more personal perspective on common problems. This app is really handy for researching new pet products on the market and hearing feedback about them before making a purchase. Kinda like Amazon, but with more useful information.


This is an app that we know will receive a lot of mileage. This is a dog walker app that will show you which neighborhood dog walking routes are the best and/or log your travels on each path, so that you can get an exact reading on the length and time spent. MapMyDogWalk will also build a list of dog-related locales, such as pet-friendly parks, waste receptacles, and more.

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