Why are pet meds so expensive?

Why are Pet Meds so expensive?

Pet Meds

Many of the pets that I care for are on medication and my clients often ask me “why are pet medications so expensive?” And “do I have to get them through my veterinarian?”

First let’s talk about a few things that make up the cost of pet medications. Just like meds for humans, pet meds must be approved by the FDA. Right off the bat there is the cost for research and development.

Many medications for pets share the same active ingredients of their human counterpart but often times to a lesser degree. The research and development process can take up to five years or longer for pet meds.

Research shows that a topical treatment which control fleas and heartworm took nearly ten years in the development process and cost millions of research dollars become it was approved for pet use. An annual supply of this product costs the consumer about $200.00 per year.

Pet meds are also put through the same testing as meds for humans. There are clinical trials and patient studies involved. Most case studies take years to complete.

Why are pet meds so expensive? now you know! 

There are several ways to save on the cost, and skimping or skipping doses is not the answer. As with human medication it is best to follow the instructions and give the proper dosage and be sure to give you pet all of the medication even if the condition seems to be corrected.

Your veterinarian is unable to stock large quantities of medications therefore their cost is higher and is passed on to you.

Your local Target store fills pet prescriptions and can offer a significant savings to the consumer. Target also offers generic meds for $4.00 which can be a great savings for pet owners on a budget.

Another good source for pet meds is 1.800.pet meds. You can often find sales and at times free shipping.

Next time you somebody asks you “why are pet medications so expensive?” try suggesting Target or 1.800.pet meds to them!


  1. I have had the same question before, why are pet meds so expensive? However, after having to buy some meds for my dog’s ear infection, I researched it all and now it makes sense. It really does take a lot of effort to find safe, effective pet meds, but I had never heard that the med for fleas took 10 years, that’s a long time! Thanks for sharing!

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