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Pet Sitter North Palm Beaches

Susan Moore
Pet Sitter North Palm Beaches

Hello! My name is Susan and I am a pet sitter in North Palm Beach. I have two dogs Duke and Mango. The big boy in the picture with me is my dog Duke. He was a rescue and after lots of love and attention he is now an awesome member of our family.  My entire family is up north including my parents and their two dogs; the most amazing pit bulls to walk the earth. I was born in Vermont, but moved to Florida when I was a baby. I love the endless summers and being five minutes from Juno Beach. This truly is paradise and I have grown to appreciate all aspects of it.

My passion for animals began at the young age of four years when a stray cat adopted us and lived with us for 15 years. By the time I had turned six, I would walk the neighbors giant Great Danes and Dobermans. When the neighbors were not home, I would jump the fence and play with them for hours. I have a soft spot for “bully” breeds. Pit bulls and Dobermans melt my heart with their warm loving eyes. I have been working with animals in a variety of ways for years. After going to school for Animal Science and quickly discovered that I would rather be on the always happy end of Pet Care.

In order to make ends meet I was forced to join the corporate world and unfortunately I had to pass up many pet sitting jobs. Finally, my husband asked what I really wanted to do with my life. What career would I enjoy pursuing. Two weeks later, I put in my notice to Corporate America. Spending my days with wagging tails, slobbery tongues, and muddy paws is something I can wake up excited about every morning. In other words, Pet Sitting is a dream comes true. To many people, dogs are just animals. To me they are an adopted son or daughter who is short, hairy, walks on all fours and still has not quite figured out how to speak our language.

Thank you for your interest in Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters North Palm Beaches. If you are looking for a pet sitter  please call me with any questions. I service Tequesta, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach and Singer Island. I have worked with many different species of pets. I look forward to the opportunity of babysitting your important family members.

Susan – Pet Sitter North Palm Beaches

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