Pet sitters do so much more than pet sit

Fort Lauderdale Pet Sitting Awning

Pet Sitter do so much more than Pet Sit

I was under a big sunbrella awning watering plants. The sun was shining and a nice gentle breeze was coming off of the ocean. I looked out over sparking water in the pool and I thought to myself “pet sitters do so much more than pet sit.”

I was at a clients house tending to things while they were on a 2 month long trip. I was boarding their dog at my home and they had asked it I would look after their house as well.

You see we don’t only provide excellent pet sitting and cage free boarding services. Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters also provides house sitting.

For instance in this case I was asked to bring in the mail and newspapers, flush the toilets, and check that the air conditioner was not leaking or causing condensation. I was also asked to start the cars, water the plants, check the water level on the pool and make sure the boat was still secured at the dock. Pet sitters do so much more than pet sit.

At Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters we make it look like you are home! We will take out and bring in the trash bins and even turn on/off lights. I have even been asked to move the cars around the driveway.

Many people in the Fort Lauderdale area travel for extended periods of time. So even if you don’t have pets we are still happy to help by looking after your home. With our house sitting service you will not have to worry about your home while you are away. We are happy to update you after every visit or alter you if there is a problem or a package or letter has arrived.

Break ins are on the rise in South Florida so next time you travel order up a little peace of mind. And if you happen to have pet, we can take care of them for you too! Pet sitters do so much more than pet sit. 

As you see pet sitters do so much more than pet sit! We look forward to hearing from you.  Give us a call at 954.892.9358 to discuss your pet and/or house sitting options.


  1. I had no idea pet sitters did all this! Thanks for the good information!

  2. Anthony and Dan do a phenomenal job helping me care for Tucker, my 13 month old French Bulldog. When I am traveling for work or on vacation, I know Tucker is in good hands! I couldn’t agree more with what Anthony mentions above, as he is always kind enough to help me out by picking up Tucker at my home and bringing him back the day that I am returning. Dan never hesitates to help me with a walk on short notice.

    Class act and I’m thrilled I’ve found Daily Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters…. You guys are phenomenal!

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