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Pet Sitter Fort Lauderdale Pet Travel Tips

Summer has finally arrived and the kids are out of school. It is time to plan your summer vacation. Do you bring the family dog along? Traveling with your pet can be an enjoyable experience but there are many things to consider before hitting the road. Let’s talk about pet travel tips.

Pet travel tips for car or airplane:

Most people think that dogs will be comfortable traveling in a car. But the truth being a large number of pets are very uncomfortable traveling in a car for long distances. Dogs can get motion sickness and some to a greater degree due to their sensitive inner ear balance. Motion sickness can cause your dog to stop eating and drinking which can lead to dehydration. Take several short test trips before taking your dog on a long road trip.

If you are traveling by car look into purchasing a harness like the Ruff rider Roadie.

If your dog is naturally curious be very careful at rest areas or places you may stop. Many dogs have wondered off. Be sure to have your dog’s ID tags up to date and secured to your pet’s collar.

Hotel rooms can be a dangerous place for dogs. Hotel’s generally use strong cleaning supplies and disinfectants which may cause your dog to have an asthmatic reaction or cause sneezing. Also be sure to map out pet friendly hotels along the way. Many say they are pet friendly but only have a few room reserved for pets.

If you are traveling by plane with your pet you will need to get a health certificate from your veterinarian. This is strictly enforced by all airlines. Arriving at the airport without the proper papers can cause you to lose your flight.

Airline carriers must fit under the seat of the airplane. Make sure that your pet is comfortable being in a carrier. Many pets have claustrophobic reactions causing them to whimper and cry or become aggressive when the carrier is approached.

If you are planning on traveling this summer and cannot take your pet please give us a call. We are always available for home and pet sitting or private dog boarding.

We hope these pet travel tips help. Have a happy and safe summer!

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