5 Ways your Pets make you Healthier

pets make you healthierPets make you healthier and do more than just provide you with hugs, companionship and entertainment. Pets make you healthier.  It’s true.  In fact, having a pet could potentially add years to your life and/or prevent an untimely death. 

To keep things short, we’re just going to list ten.

Pets improve heart health.

Researchers at the American Heart Association have discovered that owning a pet actually reduces your chance of cardiovascular disease. This has a lot to do with the fact that dogs encourage their humans, who would not do so otherwise, to exercise.

Pets are mood boosters.

Pets just make us feel better.  Cue increased endorphins, people! Even during our darkest times of life, pets give us something to hold on to.  Sometimes, they give us something to live for.  The simple act of petting a dog or cat is known to reduce levels of stress and agitation.  With a pet around, you always have someone to talk to and honestly, just looking at your pet makes you smile, doesn’t he? This isn’t just our opinion either. Pet therapy is a real and valid means of helping people through things. Pet assisted therapy is everywhere, hospitals, long term care facilities, cancer treatment centers and more. 

Pet encourage movement.

Who needs Beach Body, when you have a very able and willing exercise coach right at your feet?  Dogs, just by being there, encourage you to get up and moving, especially if your dog is the kind that likes to be walked on the leash or go for rides in the car.  A twenty or thirty minute walk every night is just what the doctor ordered – for both of you.  In fact, you can make it a family affair.  No need to go into the benefits of exercise, right? Now, whether you take full advantage of that added benefit is up to you, but come on, move it!

Pets can detect things humans can’t.

Pets can be taught to do amazing things.  Detecting things is one of those things.  Some dogs take to easier than others and must pass a rigorous process, but the results are truly amazing.  From detecting cancer, to seizures and even drugs, pets can truly sniff out potential hazards. It’s not just dogs that are possess the ability to detect things.  Ferrets, pigs, horses, boa constrictors and even cats have been known to help people in amazing ways and even save lives.

Pets can help you kick habits.

Ok, well at least one that we know of.  Would you kick a habit if you knew it was detrimental to your pet? According to a study in 2008, it was determined that twenty-eight percent of pet parents decided that they would be willing to quit smoking because of the harmful second hand effects it had on their pets. If that doesn’t work, maybe you can use your dog’s milk bones to help you. Hey, it takes all kinds, right?

If you already have a pet, you probably didn’t need any evidence to prove to you that your pet does in fact make you healthier in one way or another.  It doesn’t end here either folks, the reasons are really endless. If you need to prove to a family member or loved one that it’s time for a first pet or another pet to add to the collections, this is a great start.  Tell them your life depends on it.

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