Puppy’s Immune System

puppy's immune systemHaving a puppy is a very important responsibility. A puppy’s immune system is not fully developed until they are 14 months old. They are just like a little baby, and need to be cared for to ensure they grow up as a healthy part of the family!

One of responsibilities includes protecting your puppy against infection. When Momma has been properly vaccinated, she extends her vaccine antibodies to her youngster via her milk that first day of feeding. A mother’s milk contains many of the antibodies which will help protect her puppy from parvovirus along with many other diseases. As long as these antibodies last, they will protect the puppy. Hence the need to set up puppy wellness visits. If your puppy was not fed from its mother, or if the mom was not properly vaccinated, then the pup will not be given these antibodies and has no protection.

When you take your puppy to the vet and they are given vaccinations, the vaccine stimulates the immune system. If the puppy is getting vaccinations too early, while the mom’s protective antibodies or a previous vaccine are still working, the vaccination just received will be for naught as it will be fought off as if it were an infection. It is very important to time all vaccines properly. Not too early, not too late.

Normally you will see a puppy begin vaccinations around 6/9 weeks of age and they will then be given boosters at least every 3/4 weeks until reaching 16 weeks of age. If your puppy has not received maternal milk containing antibodies, from a mom with proper vaccinations, then you can start the vaccines at around 2/3 weeks of age.

Again, you will need to get your puppy in to the vet as soon as he joins your family. This will ensure you establish a proper Puppy Wellness schedule with your vet and start your little one off right!

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