Rat Poison in Dogs

rat poisonNobody likes a pest.  However, ridding our home of pests, such as rodents, is tricky business. Rodenticides, or rat poison, contain a particular ingredient that is very appealing to a rodent; Sugar.  However, this ingredient is also quite appealing to your dog.  With their nose that can smell quite well, this makes it very hard to circumvent the possible ingestion of this poison, by your dog.  Along with the appealing ingredient also comes the big bad toxin, which is what is meant to kill the rodent.  There are a variety of types of poison out there – none of which are safe for any pet.  Please know that there is not a safe rat poison for dogs!

So, this being said you need to ensure you know exactly what is inside these lethal, sweet smelling, sweet tasting, death pills known as rat poison:

Bromethalin:    Causes an increase in sodium within the body’s cells.  Cells swell and death follows.  Most commonly affects central nervous system (brain, spine and nerves).

Zinc Phosphide & Strychnine:  Found in the poison distributed by professional companies which makes poisoning from this chemical less likely.

Anticoagulants: Restrict the Vitamin K distributed by the body, which in turn greatly affects the body’s ability to prevent clots.  Internal bleeding will occur and can quite possibly lead to death.

Cholecalciferol:  Causes an increase in calcium within the body which will lead to heart issues and renal failure.

To avoid rat poison in dogs:

  • Consult the professionals when trying to eliminate pests, such as rodents, in your home. Ask if they can address the issues in a human manner, for your pet, and the rodent!
  • Keep rat poison out of reach. Remember, the sugary taste and scent is meant to attract animals so it needs to be place WAY out of reach.
  • Monitor your pets at all times and take note where the poison was placed!

Time is of the essence. 

Should your dog ingest any poison or should you even think there was a possible chance your dog ingested anything toxic, it is imperative that you get your pet to an Animal Clinic immediately.  If you are able to induce vomiting in your dog on route to Vet, please do so.  Take the packaging of the poison with you to the vet as this will greatly aid in the prompt treatment of your pet, which could quite possibly save his life.

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