10 Safety Tips for Pets

safety tips for petsThe fall is usually in the top two favorite seasons for many people, as it is essentially the precursor to most of our favorite times of the year.  Fall brings cooler air, brilliant colors of leaves and autumn fashion, and the fun and spooky side of Halloween.  Our pets tend to enjoy fall just as much as we do, however, you should be aware of all the potential pitfalls and dangers that come with this season.

Make a mental note of these safety tips checklist we have provided to make your fall season safer for your four-legged friends.

Safety tips for pets this fall:

Beware of Increase in Pest Control

The cooler temperatures brings out the rodents and insects, or rather sends them towards our warm cars and homes.  Be on the lookout for poison baits and perimeter pest control sprays when you’re walking your pet.

Anti-Freeze Danger

Leaking anti-freeze increases in frequency as temps drop, this toxic koolaid attracts animals because of its sweet tasting properties.  Watch out for puddles when cars park and toss any used bottles on sight.

Be Cognizant of Cold

No, your dog probably won’t die if the temperature drops a few degrees below room temperature, but it is very stressful for them to be outside most of the day when it is cold enough to give them a cold, wet nose.  If your dog is doing a lot of whining or upon their first hacking cough, get them inside.  You’d rather play it safe than just end up having to pay for their vet bill for a preventable cold.

Keep Flea/Ticks at-bay

All that dense mulch and colder temps means every insect will be jumpier than usual, so make sure you never lax on the scheduling of their flea and tick medicine.  Do inspections for ticks every few days, too, just in case.

Embrace the Shag

Lay off the cosmetic trimming if you are one to cut your pet’s hair for aesthetic purposes.  Let your dog grow out the shag until winter starts winding down.  It’s important for your pet to feel comfortable when they’re outside, their fur coats are the most efficient way to trap heat, so don’t just settle for pet coats.

Book your Pet Care Now

The holiday season, especially autumn, is when everyone and their mom, their granny, will be calling up dog sitters and walkers to help them while they are on holiday.

Moderate your Guests

You know your pet better than anyone else, so make sure you account for your pet’s sensitivities when having guests coming and going in your house.  Parties, celebrations, and visits should be done with your pet’s presence accounted for, alert your guests and try not to overexcite your pet.

Use Planning Apps

Pets are often neglected when the holidays come around, not on purpose, of course.  To prevent a late feeding or a missed walk outside with your pet, use an app to give you friendly reminders when you know you’re going to have a busy day with lots of guests.

Keep an Eye out for Candy

Halloween will keep you on your toes making sure your pet doesn’t escape or freak out from unknown guests, but also try to keep track of any loose candy or unattended candy in bags.  Chocolates and hard candies can be bad news for pets.

 Be Careful with Decorating

Some decorations can be sharp, trap pets, or become a choking hazard.  Keep this in mind when shopping and planning out the usage of them.

Keep this tips in mind this Fall and beyond to keep your pets safe, sound and secure!

Feel free to share your safety tips with us!

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