Seizures In Dogs

seizures in dogsYou love your dog, and it is disturbing when it seems like something may be wrong with him. Seizures in dogs may look very violent or dramatic so it can be terrifying to watch.

Seizures in Dogs – What do they look like?

If your dog is having a seizure, you will definitely notice that something is seriously wrong. You may see your dog collapse, lose consciousness, jerk, and twitch, chew his or her tongue, foam at the mouth, or look like he running or swimming. During this experience your dog may even lose control of bladder and bowel. Some dogs may look disoriented or in a daze, seem unsteady on his feet, look just generally confused, or stare off into space before a seizure. After a seizure your dog may be disoriented, unsteady, or worse, even blind for a short period of time. You know your dog, and will likely notice if something is off.

What causes seizures in dogs, anyway?

There are various things that can cause seizures in dogs including ingesting poison, kidney disease, dehydration, liver disease, blood sugar (high or low), anemia, head injury, strokes, brain cancer, or epilepsy. The most common kind type of seizure is also called a grand mal seizure. During these your dog may lose consciousness and jerk for a few seconds to a few minutes. There are however other types of seizures that can effect behavior or muscle actions as well.

What should I do if my dog is showing signs of a seizure?

If your dog is having a seizure please do your best to remain or act calm. Talk to your dog in a calm and soothing voice while sliding any objects away from your dog, don’t hold your dog steady and don’t go near your dog’s mouth.  Removing the any objects such as furniture out of your dog’s way will reduce his risk of injury. During the seizure it is likely that your dog has no control and could bite you. Don’t put anything in your dog’s mouth, this cannot help them and can break his or her teeth. Your dog cannot choke on its tongue, contrary to popular opinion on seizures. If the seizure lasts for more than few minutes, your dog could get too hot which can be hazardous to its health. In this case use a fan to cool your pup down and poor some cool water on the paws.

Then what?

Call your vet as soon as it’s over. It is important that you find out the reason behind the seizure so that you can increase the likelihood of preventing them.  Often times after a seizure, it may be discovered that there is any underlying condition that is causing them.


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