Spay or Neuter Pets – Top Points to Consider

spay or neuter petsYou have heard Bob Barker’s final closing on the Price is Right, haven’t you?  Reminding folks to Spay or Neuter pets.  Well are you familiar with this procedure?  Do you understand what it means to Spay or Neuter pets?  This is when you have a pet and you “sterilize” him or her.  This keeps them from having any future litters, contributing to an already over populated pet society.  We are going to discuss the Pro’s and Con’s.

Spay or Neuter pets:

When you sterilize a female pet, they undergo a procedure called “Spaying”.  This is the removal of both ovaries and the uterus.

Spay Pets – Positive reasons:

  • Most obvious reason and extremely positive would be to avoid pregnancy.  This is a global problem that is being experienced at this time, massive over population of dogs and cats.  In an effort to curb the many homeless animals, a responsible pet owner who has zero intention of ever  breeding or having litters should most definitely  consider having this done to avoid any possibility of your pet getting pregnant.
  • You will most definitely have a much calmer, peaceful animal.  The drive to mate will no longer be there.  And it has been noted that your female dog will be much more affectionate and gentle with you as her family!
  • Much cleaner for you and your pet as the female cycle will not take place.  This means there will not be any mess around your home related to this and no need to buy doggie diapers.  You and your pet will be much happier with this!
  • One of the most important positives would be for health reasons.  Cysts and cancer can be avoided with the removal of ovaries and uterus.  Keep your pet happy and healthy all in one shot!

Spay pets – Negatives:

  • No longer able to breed.
  • Weight gain is associated with spaying.  Diet and nutrition will need to be closely monitored.
Next we will discuss this procedure for you male pets.  When you sterilize the male, it is called Neutering.  It is the removal of their testicles.

Neutering pets – positives:

  • Calmer boy!  Less eager to mark his territory as his instinct to mate will go down.  He won’t feel the need to be so territorial with his surroundings.  No howling or trying to break out of your yard.
  • Avoidance of unwanted pregnancies.  While you may think, “my boy can’t get pregnant!”…You should understand that you are socially responsible for contributing to the unwanted pet population should this scenario occur.
  • As with the female, health issues can be negated.  Cancer being one.

Neutering pets – negatives:

  • Change in appearance.  He will no longer have his testicles and this, for some reason, unsettles many dog owners.  Weigh out the pros and cons.  And if this really is an issue for you, there are procedures that will allow you to maintain the appearance.
  • No longer able to breed.
So when you review the Pros and Cons of spaying or neutering your pet, take into consideration what works best for you, your family and most importantly your pet.  If you have questions, speak with your vet.  And remember, there are already so many unwanted, homeless pets out there.  If you can do your part by trying to keep the population down, why would you not step up?
For more information on whether to spay or neuter pets visit the ASPCA website.

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