Steps for a pet emergency plan

Pet Emergency Hot LineDo you have a pet emergency plan in place? I have had three calls this month from people who have had an unfortunate personal emergency and needed someone to care for their pets. None of them were clients, none of them had a pet emergency plan in place and I was unable to help any of them.  Why you ask, mostly because of time restraints and the necessary information we need in order to care for their pets.

Ft.Lauderdale is a very transient place to live. Thousands of people move in and out of here every month. Many who move here don’t have any local family members and it is always difficult to ask a friend to care for your pet. Therefore, it is a best to establish a relationship with a professional pet sitter, even if it is for pet emergency purposes only.

As professional pet sitters we are insured for your protection as well as ours. We need certain client information in order for our insurance to be valid in the event a claim is made. We also need a key release form signed stating that you are willingly giving us a key to your home along with permission to transport the pet.

Should a personal emergency arise for one of my established clients I can easily swoop in to care for their pets. I already have the forms signed and filed. I have a key to their home and permission to transport. These clients have a pet emergency plan in place.

Pet Emergency Plan:

Here is what to look for when trying to establish a relationship with a pet sitter in order to set up a pet emergency plan.

  • Ask your veterinarian if they have any references for a professional pet sitter. Daily Dog Walkers & Pets Sitters are aligned with two different veterinarian clinics in Ft.Lauderdale.
  • Google the pet sitting service and visit their web page. Make sure they are insured.
  • Read their Google + reviews
  • Call and speak with them to make sure their services fit your needs
  • Most pet sitters will schedule a complimentary meet and greet
  • Look over their intake forms to make sure they are asking for your emergency contact information, veterinarian information and any special care instructions.

Be prepared, put a pet emergency plan in place today. Your pet with thank you!

Please visit the red cross for other pet emergency suggestions!


  1. I have a pet rabbit, he fell down from our window and got hurt badly on his left leg and is bleeding very badly. It was even raining when he fell down and he got wet which became the reason why he caught cold. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

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