Summer Beach Reads for Dog Lovers Everywhere

Summer beach readsSummer is in full swing!  If you love relaxing on the beach with a cold beverage and a good book in hand, it’s quite possible that you’re always on the hunt for another great summer beach read. If you’re reading this, you probably love your dog, too! So, we’ve come up with a few great beach reads specifically designed with you in mind. 

3 Summer Beach Reads – check them out! 

One Good Dog
by Susan Wilson

Adam March is blinded by his desire to succeed until he makes a mistake one day that will change the course of everything he has ever lived for and dreamed of.  Adam loses it all but becomes saved by a rescue dog that has experienced the horrors of being a fighting dog.  This is a story of friendship, loss and starting over. 

A Dog’s Purpose
Bruce Cameron

Get ready to laugh and cry as you read about the many lives of one extraordinary dog.  With a unique twist, the book is told from the perspective of the dog as he navigates his way from one life to another. This dog finds the meaning of his life through his relationship with his many owners.  This books highlights the human dog experience, but also provides insight into complicated human relationships. The message of this book is a simple one; love never dies.

Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved
Him Luis Carlos Montalvan

This is a story of two wounded warriors who come together and are forever changed.  Luis and Tuesday have both suffered after giving so much. Luis, an army captain, comes home from war overwhelmed and disheartened.  He is wounded both physically and mentally.  Post-traumatic stress is crippling any chance at happiness. Tuesday is a therapy dog who has his own trust issues after serving in a boy’s home and a prison.  Two wounded warriors share one strong message; love heals all.

Whether you love the beach or not, you’re bound to love these 3 extraordinary tales that show just how extraordinary, and life changing our relationship with our dogs can be

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