Swimming with your Dog

swimming with your dogSwimming with your dog is a great way for both of you to cool off in the sweltering Florida summer heat. Not only is swimming great for you but it’s a source of exercise for your dog when it’s just too hot for the normal walk or jog around the neighborhood.  But wait, before you dive right in read the following tips to keep your dog safe while swimming this summer.

Tips for swimming with your dog

  1. Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are born swimmers.  In fact, bulldogs and pugs have trouble staying afloat due their short legs.
  2. Initiate your dog into shallow water first. You never know how your dog will react and well, just like with a child you would never hop right into the deep water.
  3. Hold your dog under his chest as you guide him into the water. Once he seems comfortable and begins to paddle, guide him further into the deeper water.
  4. Speak to your dog in a calm, happy tone during the process and stay calm as your energy, as always, is transferred to your dog.
  5. Do not, I repeat, do not ever leave your dog unattended while swimming. Even the best of doggie swimmers must be supervised to avoid a situation of possible drowning.
  6. Provide your dog with plenty of opportunities to practice with your support. Practice makes perfect but also, don’t force the issue if over time your dog shows   signs of stress or anxiety.
  7. All pools should be have a pool cover and/or a fence to prevent drowning accidents while you are not home. This is also important if you have children or even neighbor kids or dogs that may make their way into your back yard.
  8. Your dog should always have a way to get out of the water safely. Dogs can’t climb ladders so you should invest in a scamper ramp.  This is great for home or on the go at a friend’s pool or even at a dock.
  9. Add some toys to the mix, once your dog shows signs of confidence in the pool. This will not only be fun for your dog but will give him a little more exercise for his body and his brain.
  10. If your dog just doesn’t take to the whole swimming pool experience, try investing in a baby pool. Baby pools are quite popular for many dogs as it allows them to experience a little fun in a safe environment all the while cooling off, too.
  11. Always rinse your dog off after a swim, whether it’s in a pool, lake or ocean. Doing so will free his fur of chemicals which he could otherwise ingest later on.

Again, swimming with your dog is a great way to boost brains and brawn for both you and your dog this summer and well; it’s quite entertaining to you!  Happy Swimming!

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