Are Toxins Harmful to My Dog?

Are toxins harmful to my dogClients often ask “are toxins harmful to my dog?” Toxins are dangerous for humans and their loyal, furry counterparts, the family dog.   Let’s discuss how toxins impact your dog, where toxins come from as well as ways to help your dog detox. Keep reading to learn about more about toxins and your dog!

Toxins are everywhere.  You’re probably thinking “Well, how does my dog get exposed to toxins, anyway?”  Good question.  It’s really simple; inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion.  Your dog comes into toxins every single day. Anything from mold, mildew, gases, oil, household cleansers, to prescription drugs, vaccinations, food and treats.  It’s really hard to avoid being exposed to toxins these days.  Fortunately for your dog, his little body has a built in detoxification system via his waste removal organs such as the kidney, liver, and skin.  A healthy dog will usually be protected by his built in detoxification system but dogs that are diseased, injured, aging or have an otherwise compromised immune system are at risk for inflammation, illness and potentially fatal diseases such as cancer. [Read more…]

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