Dog Beach Safety, Dangers & Warnings

Fort Lauderdale dog beach safetyA dreamy day at the beach with your best pal, Fido, can quickly turn into your worst nightmare.  Did you know that your dog can get sun burned?  Did you also know that seaweed can be deadly if your dog ingests it?  Well, read on as we tell you more about dog beach safety, dangers and warnings. dog beach safety. 

Ft. Lauderdale dog beach safety tips:

Your best fur-pal may love running along the beach, grabbing up the seaweed and tossing it in the air but Seaweed can kill your dog!  Let me explain.  Some dogs like to play with seaweed at the beach and others like to snack on it.  When dogs eat dried up seaweed, it absorbs the moisture from their digestive track. The seaweed then swells and causes a blockage.  This blockage will prevent food from passing through his digestive tract.  If your dog does eat seaweed, be on watch for signs of a blockage.  Your dog may vomit, stop eating, or display signs that he is in pain.  Your best bet is to seek medical attention as soon as you notice any symptoms or witness your dog eating the seaweed.    An ultra-sound will show if where the blockage exists or if there is even a blockage at all.  If there is a blockage, poor Fido will need surgery.  Watch your pal and do NOT let him eat seaweed.

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