Top Ways Your Pet Keeps you Healthy

top ways your dog keeps you healthyDo you think your pet keeps you healthy? Have you noticed how good you feel after hanging out with your pet? Well it has been proven, many times over, that owning a pet can aide in good health for everyone in the family!

Let’s discuss ways your pet keeps you healthy

Have high blood pressure?

Studies show owning a pet is the perfect prescription! Owning a pet is a stress reliever.  By petting your dog or cat or whatever pet you may have, your body releases a relaxation hormone. This simple action also reduces a stress or hormone within your body. So see, you can’t help but feel relaxed.  And you’re not the only one who benefits from this time together. Your pet is also relaxing.  Therefore, your pet keeps you healthy by relieving stress! It’s a win win situation.

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Vacation Pet Care Options

vacation pet care optionsVacation Planning is in full swing and you’re probably trying to decide what to do with Marley and Milo.  You have quite a few pet care options and you might think this decision is just as daunting as planning the actual vacation.  As your trusted pet sitter here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we’re here to help you make the best educated decision. Some of your pet care options might include: having a friend or neighbor kids come in and sit for you, boarding at a doggie day care type facility, boarding at your local veterinary clinic or hiring a professional pet sitter.

Here are a few pet care options:

Friend or Neighbor Pros: You already know them and have developed a sense of trust with them.   Your pet might be familiar with them and they may already know some of your pet’s patterns and habits.  This makes them a viable option as you want your pet with someone that you are both familiar with.  This option also might make sense financially.

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